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07/18/13 | 11:05AM
Verizon is Jacking Me Big Time

I used to have unlimited everything(voice, text, data) for $50 a month. I wanted a new fancy phone (big mistake) so I got on a monthly plan; $89 a month. Bill kept creeping up to about $111/month. I decide I want internet on my lap top at home (which brings up the question; if im already paying for internet, why cant i just put a cord from my phone to my computer?). Anyways, I looked around town and thought the internet providers were charging to much; so I stop by verizon and they say, Oh, for only 20 bucks a month you can add this hot spot tethering deal and have it on your computer. Oh, i say, cool, sign me up. Bill should be $138 a month now. Well within the first week I was recieving data overage alerts. So i go in to the store and bump up the plan. Keep in mind, im not really using the web any more than i used to. I usually only used 1gb out of 4gb a month. And when i did go in as a result of the data overage alerts, the associate said that most of the data was still being used on my phone, not the computer. OK. Fast forward another week; remember my bill should have been $138 a month; than i bumped it up a couple more gb for $10 more a month. So $148 a month; right. Well, I open up my mailbox; and keep in mind my new plan was only for 25 days out of the month, so i actually had some credits. GUESS WHAT MY BILL WAS::???????????
$438.75. Are you kidding me? I refuse to even get in to the details. The 10 page bills appear to add detail to the bottom line, but they are really just vague and ambiguos. I have a four year college degree and still can not make head or tails of the bill. ITS DONE ON PURPOSE, OBVIOUSLY. The bottom line that Im talking about now is ; I DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR SCAMMING TACTICS, FINE PRING, OR OTHER THINGS YOU ARE USING TO JACK PEOPLE. BOTTOM LINE,,,,,THERE IS NO WAY ANYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO CHARGE SOMEONE OVER $300 FOR ONE MONTH OF USING THE INTERNET. fuck you.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D7D683

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