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07/25/13 | 20:24PM
Unlimited Run-Around

Per usual my phone call to Verizon was a disaster. You cannot ask a simple question because no one knows anything. The best thing is how they transferred me 4 times - this is what always happens now when they cannot answer your simple question. The increased rates, speeds not as promised especially on Fios and even the crappy hardware could be tolerated but the support service is appalling and why I loathe them. Seemingly illiterate, condescending or screw-loose script-reading know-nothing's wasting my time! Seriously having to repeat and spell my last name so many times it was laughable. The lack of basic knowledge about computers, the Internet or even operating systems is sad; the premium service person is not even aware an iPad is an apple product. But for $39.99 you can run through a step by step tool which might help you!

Bollux - Verizon H8er ID: 646416

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04/12/14 | 8:09AM
They seriously can't figure out a pot to piss in between two of them without reproducing. ^_^

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: 6F1BEC

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