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07/29/13 | 2:35AM
Certified Like New Replacement Program???

Verizon's Certified Like New (CLN) Program masquerades as a warranty program allowing customers to return defective products for "Like New" replacements. The biggest problem is that Verizon expects the customer to determine whether the phone is considered damaged or defective on their own. If Verizon, once in receipt of the phone, determines the phone is damaged and not defective the customer is "charged up to full retail price, which could exceed $500" with no recourse. Because of this policy, customers are always at the mercy of Verizon and are not offered the option of returning the replacement phone or receiving their original phone back. Customers should be clearly made aware- in several different formats in several different ways- that by utilizing the CLN program that they are relinquishing all rights.
Customers should understand that using the manufacturer's warranty program is a better option because if the manufacturer determines it is damage and not a defect, the customer is offered several options including repair, return or replacement at the customer's cost and discretion.
Customers should never be forced to pay for something they do not want which is exactly what this program does. This is "Let the buyer beware" on steroids and needs to stop.

Please sign my petition:


Michele Hicks - Verizon H8er ID: E94916

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03/13/19 | 12:20PM
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Cecilbrova - Verizon H8er ID: 8A7449

04/07/19 | 23:14PM
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BerelSuild - Verizon H8er ID: AB8C9E

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