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08/15/13 | 1:25AM
"Sorry, we can't undo your free trial like we said. Oh, oops, we can."

Chat Subject:Upgrade Existing Services
Your Question:I want to end my trial of FIOS Quantum.
A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.
Agent Nick has joined. (14:44:10)
Nick : Chat ID for this session is ***********. (14:44:10)
Nick(14:44:16): Thank you for choosing Verizon and visiting our chat service. I would be happy to assist you with your question.

For quality and security purposes, your session is recorded and may be monitored or reviewed. Please do not provide sensitive information such as social security, bank account or credit card numbers to the chat agent. May we view your selections and/or account information, including any services you subscribe to, which are displayed to you on verizon.com, so that we may assist you with respect to available Verizon products and services? Under federal law, it is your right and our duty to protect your account information. May I have your permission?
OP(14:44:26): Yes,
Nick(14:44:36): Thank you for the permission.
Nick(14:44:46): Could you please clarify your question?
OP(14:45:04): I would like to end my trial of FIOS Quantum internet and return to my old speeds.
Nick(14:45:34): If I understand you correctly, you wish to go back to 15/5 Mbps Internet plan correct?
OP(14:45:41): Yes, that's right.
Nick(14:46:06): Could you please tell me why you wish to remove Quantum plan?
OP(14:46:29): It didn't speed up the service we were experiencing.
Nick(14:47:25): I see, If you wish I can transfer this chat to our Tech support team to check the issue for your Internet speed and they will be able to help you to resolve the issue for you. That way you can keep Quantum speed plan.
OP(14:47:45): No, thank you. I would like to end the service. Can you help me to do that?
Nick(14:48:00): Sure, let me help you to make the changes for you.
Nick(14:48:10): Please follow my simple prompts here.
OP(14:48:16): Ok
Nick(14:48:32): Could you please tell me which TV plan you currently have for your Service?
OP(14:48:45): I don't have TV or phone, just Internet.
Nick(14:49:15): Are you able to locate "Create your Own Bundle" option on your account page?
OP(14:49:48): I'm not sure - I am on this pagehttps://www.verizon.com/FORYOURHOME/GOFLOW/MyVerizonNew/AccountReview/UpgradeRenewalCenter.aspx#add-services
Nick(14:50:28): Yes, You are on correct page. On the same page you will see "Create your Own Bundle" option let me know if you can see it.
OP(14:50:44): Yes, I see that.
Nick(14:51:09): Perfect! Under that please Uncheck TV and Phone part and let me know once you do that.
OP(14:52:54): I have a question - if I do this, am I going to be obligated to have service for 2 years? Before I had already used up my 2 year obligation and I don't want to be obligated again.
Nick(14:53:59): I will help you to check that for you.
OP(14:53:59): It says there is a 2 year agreement on the page.
Nick(14:54:20): Do you see "No Term Agreement" option to select on the page?
OP(14:54:54): Yes, I see that at the top and I clicked it.
OP(14:55:17): so I am back to my previous price of $54.99
Nick(14:55:37): Perfect! Now please select only 15/5 Mbps plan and then click on "Add to cart" option and then click on "Checkout" to proceed.
OP(14:56:00): although now it says the price will go up to $64.99 after one year, which is not what I had before - I had a steady price of $54.99.
OP(14:56:30): That would not be acceptable to me.
Nick(14:57:56): I understand your concern; however, with the No-Term agreement plan you get price lock for 12 months only. After 12 months your price will be more. With the 2 year contract you will get 24 months price lock. As you do not wish to have contract so that is the reason you see difference in price after 12 months as it's No -Term contract plan.
OP(14:58:38): When I signed up for the one month trial, I was told I could cancel during that one month and that there were no changes to my existing contract. This seems like a change.
Nick(14:59:34): You can go back to your old plan; however, it would not be possible to assure you that your price will remain same. As you get price as per current promotions and price.
OP(15:00:08): I disagree with what you are saying. Changing the future price is changing my contract. I do not want that.
Nick(15:01:24): There will not be any contract with the "No-Term agreement" plan option. You will be able to reconsider your decision any time you wish without any fee with this option. That is the reason you get 12 months price lock with this plan.

You can go with the 2 year contract plan and get the price lock for 24 months if you wish.
OP(15:02:21): I am finding this very deceptive - telling me I can do a free trial, then changing the terms.
Nick(15:03:26): It's not changing terms. You have option to go with the No-Term contract and 2 year contract you can select either one. With the No-Terms contract you will get price lock for 12 months. After 12 months price will go up.
OP(15:04:11): Before, my price was set at $54.99 for the indefinite future. Now it is going to go to $64.99 in 12 months. Please tell me how that is not changing the terms.
Nick(15:05:22): It would not be possible as we either offer 24 months price lock with the 2 year contract or 12 months price lock with the "No-Term contract" plan. It would not be possible to set your price for the indefinite future.
OP(15:06:27): Well, I would prefer to simply cancel my trial of FIOS Quantum. I do not want to select a new bundle. Please tell me how I can simply cancel my trial, as was advertised I could do at any point during the first month. If you cannot do that, please refer me to someone who can.
Nick(15:09:38): Please give me few moments.
Nick(15:11:18): OP, As I have check it would not be possible to simply cancel the upgrade. You will have to select the 15/5 Mbps plan and I will help you with that to complete the changes.
OP(15:12:27): It doesn't matter anyway b/c I will be cancelling after a year. this is completely outrageous, however. Your company lied when it said I could do the trial with no changes. I get that Verizon is so big now they feel they can do whatever they want, but this is bs.
OP(15:13:35): Let's move on.
Nick(15:13:45): I apologize for all inconvenience caused to you.
OP(15:13:59): I am angry. I think Verizon ***
Nick(15:14:19): Please select "No Term agreement" option and select only "15/5 Mbps" Internet plan and then click on "Add to Cart" and then click on "Checkout" to proceed.
OP(15:14:50): When I click on "Add to Cart" it says, "Please add a Phone service"
Nick(15:15:05): Please Uncheck the Phone part and then select "No Term agreement" option and select only "15/5 Mbps" Internet plan and then click on "Add to Cart" and then click on "Checkout" to proceed.
OP(15:16:17): I unchecked the phone, and the monthly price went up to $59.99
OP(15:16:51): and it changed the internet speed to 3/1
Nick(15:17:32): Please select "15/5 Mbps" plan and let me know once you do that.
OP(15:17:56): It doesn't offer that as an option.
Nick(15:18:26): I will be happy to help you. Please give me a few minutes to research your request.
Nick(15:21:31): Please wait for a moment while I transfer your chat to a tech support specialist who may be able to assist you further.
This session is being transferred. (15:21:46)
15:22:01 We apologize for the delay.You are next in the queue. A representative will be with you shortly.
This session is transferred to Mimi. (15:22:11)
Agent Mimi has joined. (15:22:11)
Mimi(15:22:16): Hello. Thank you for choosing Verizon and visiting our chat service.
OP(15:24:10): Hello, how are you? I previously had FIOS at the 15/5 speed. I had it for more than 2 years so I was no longer under contract. My fee was $54.99/month. I signed up for a free one month trial of the 50/15 speed. It unfortunately did not help my roommate's WiFi connection, so I want to cancel the trial and go back to my prior speed. I was told that doing the trial would in no way alter my existing contract.
Mimi(15:25:15): Good evening to you. I understand your concern regarding your recent Quantum upgrade. I am sorry that it is not working for you. I would be happy to review your account.
Mimi(15:25:20): May I have your Verizon FiOS account number please?
OP(15:25:38): *******************
Mimi(15:26:13): Thank you
Mimi(15:26:18): Please allow me a moment to access the account.
Mimi(15:28:29): One moment please while I review the account.
Mimi(15:29:49): Yes I see that the 50/25Mbps trial upgrade offer was added August 08, 2013. Would you like to remove it?
OP(15:29:56): Yes.
Mimi(15:30:11): No problem. Please hold for your confirmation number.
OP(15:31:12): Honestly, I was going crazy talking to the other guy, who had no clue that this could be done. I used to like your company a lot, but in the last 3 years it's been hard doing business with Verizon.
Mimi(15:32:48): I apologize for any misunderstanding regarding your request with the previous agent. We regret any difficulties you have experienced and greatly appreciate your feedback. I will be happy to forward your comments for review.
OP(15:34:10): I have two suggestions: 1) offer a way on the website to cancel the trial; 2) get rid of the computer glitch that has a pop up window for "Self Install FIOS" blocking the "This is what you have" portion of the window.
OP(15:34:25): Anyway, I appreciate your help.
Mimi(15:34:51): Your request to cancel your 50/25Mbps trial offer has been processed. Your confirmation number is: **************
OP(15:34:59): Thank you.
Mimi(15:35:19): I will be forward to forward your feedback to our web site developers for review.
Mimi(15:35:29): You are welcome.
OP(15:35:42): Good afternoon.
Mimi(15:35:57): You have a wonderful evening.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EC6082

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09/02/13 | 0:39AM
your forgetting the first dude was from india, where a 'fios' line, is the line they string up to hang their clothes.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F8EB26

03/13/19 | 13:10PM
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Stephaflouh - Verizon H8er ID: 4D7DAA

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