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08/23/13 | 18:08PM
Upgrade battle

I tried to upgrade two phones on line, at checkout I was told I had to call customer service (this happens every time I have tried to upgrade a phone for the last eight years) I spoke with a sales rep. Who cared less if she helped or not, I ordered two Samsung intensity III and it took her over 25 minutes to place the order, she told me she was transferring me to the dept. that reviews the service contracts, instead I ended up with a sales rep. Who told me I was talking to the wrong dept.,but that she would make sure I was transferred to the right dept.,again I was transferred to a sales rep.,he got me to the right place, I agreed to the terms. An hour later I got an email conformation, the sales rep. had ordered the wrong phones, I called Verizon and explained what happened and told the sales rep. That I wanted to speak to a supervisor about the rep. Who placed the order, she told that she had just sent an email about my complaint to the home office, I asked for the email address and she said she didn't know it that it does not appear when she sends the email, she said she canceled the two phones and that I would have to wait 48 hours to order the correct phones, I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said I could write to Verizon, I told her that I was recording the phone conversation, she said she would connect me to a supervisor, Taz #59320 (at least he said that was his name and number) he said the phones were canceled and that I could reorder using different upgrades for two other phones but I would lose my unlimited data plan on the one phone, we had a few words,then he told me that I wouldn't lose my unlimited data, I asked him to send me an email saying I would not lose my data and then we could reorder, he said it would take seven minutes to walk to his office, I told him I needed to speak with a manager from the home office, he said one would call in the next 24-48 hours, that was last Monday, anyway an hour after I spoke with Taz, I received another email saying one phone had shipped, I called customer service and asked why they shipped it and gave them the cancellation numbers, they didn't know why, I asked them to check the numbers, the rep said she couldn't pull the numbers up, I asked why they gave out numbers when they couldn't use them for anything, she said she didn't know,I asked for a supervisor she said I would be put on hold. The next day I was away from the house when a rep from Verizon called, he told my wife to have me call Verizon, they wanted to talk to me abut the cancellation, she asked for his name, he didn't give it to her, said any rep. who looked at my account would know what was going on,I called Verizon and the rep said she didn't know what I was talking about, I got a little upset, told her I had recorded the conversation and said goodbye,she became real helpful, but I told her I was tired of Verizon for the day and that I was going to hang up, she insisted on helping, I said goodbye and hung up. About five minutes later she called back and said she could help If I would let her,she could go to my account and see what they had put in there, I told her she should have done that the first time we spoke and I told her I didn't want to be rude like she had been,but I was going to hang up even if she was still talking, I said goodbye and hung up.. I still have not received a call from management and I still don't have any phones ordered, I don't believe I will order them.

David - Verizon H8er ID: 040365

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08/29/13 | 18:32PM
Your fucking problem started when you want to get 2 intensity 3s...pony up the money you cheap fuck!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C56428

03/02/19 | 7:23AM
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carmenev11 - Verizon H8er ID: 6DAC7E

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