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08/31/13 | 13:04PM
Verizon Wireless A robbery in progress

If you have Verizon Wireless you are more likely to be robbed every month. You owe it to yourself to audit your bill an compare it to what your contract calls for. This is the only company I know that has no moral compass or a single ounce of honesty. They have strong lobby in DC so they are running wild.
We canceled contract with Verizon due to poor service and their continuous effort to bill us more than what contact calls for. We cancelled 3 phone lines last year and this we had one last line that we canceled and to our surprise, Verizon canceled the Text messaging allowance that came with the contract and decided to bill us for the maximum allowed per text rate causing us to incur over $100 in text charges.

This is not the first time Verizon decided to do what is good for them and put all moral and ethical standards aside. I have never seen a US company this hungry for money and putting all resources in maximizing profits by any means or reason. I paid for monthly bills on time and expecting to use the full text allowance given to me but when I canceled service in middle of their billing cycle, they decided to take away my allowance and bill me a per text rate. This happened without notice or notification.

When I called them after 15 Minutes on wait and Press this number for this and that number for that, their rep advised me that Verizon is well protected by their fine print and that the best they can do is give me a 10% discount!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FDBECB

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