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08/31/13 | 17:02PM

I phoned a Verizon CSR to terminate my service at the end of my two year contract. I arranged a new calling plan for my wife to run through till the end of her contract and ended the call. I notified family, parishioners and co-workers of our new home phone number through Ooma. Little did I know, my trouble with Verizon was far from over.

The next month I was billed again for my now recycled smartphone to the tune of $111.00. I called customer service and was immediately told I didn't cancel my service. After talking awhile, the CSR said, "It says here you cancelled your service last month, I don't know why it didn't happen." She stated further that she couldn't credit me the amount Verizon over billed me as "our system won't allow us to to reverse your bill". "You will have to pay the bill or risk paying late fees and I will credit your wife's phone $29.00 for your trouble and I will call you personally at home and credit the remaining amount." I asked if she could do it later then why couldn't she do it now. Once again, "the system won't allow me."

The next day I called and spoke to a manager. He told me that it was my fault I was being billed as I can't cancel my service and change my wife's calling plan at the same time. It was if it was one of Verizon's Ten Commandments. I said I made careful notes PLUS RECORDED THE CALL and the CSR who cancelled my service and changed my wife's plan must have been unaware of this phantom policy as well. HE BEGAN YELLING AT ME FOR RECORDING THE CALL AS IT WAS A VIOLATION OF MY CONTRACT! I said I no longer have a contract with Verizon so I'm not violating a policy I don't subscribe to. That confused him. He finally relented and told me he would call and listen to the tapes of my phone conversations. He said he would call me in 48 to 72 hours. That was three weeks ago. I filed an FCC Complaint. Now some corporate clown emails me, misspelling my last name, and wants me to tell her the whole story over again. I sent her my correct name and my old account number. I'm 60 years old and if Verizon will steal $111.00 from me, they will screw anybody and everybody. I believe the devil is the hardest working person out there. The devil's angels seem to have found gainful employment at Verizon which is another name for Hell

EnidBoy - Verizon H8er ID: 517A16

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05/14/19 | 10:00AM
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Alfredladly - Verizon H8er ID: 00FBC7

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