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09/06/13 | 1:02AM
11 Phone Calls

On 7/29/2013 Monday, I did my bills for July and noticed there was no Verizon bill. A series of interactions with Verizon followed, all of them annoying:
#1 7:39 PM, called Verizon, spoke to Maureen, who set up automatic billing from my checking, but after 30 minutes told me I couldn’t use my username and password, I’d have to set up a separate account, I got irritated at this and hung up
#2 8:11 PM, called Verizon again, spoke to Ryan, who said I could not set up this separate account until I cancelled my existing Verizon Internet account, because my existing account was really with Verizon Wireless, and I’d have to talk to Verizon Wireless in order to cancel
#3 8:37 PM, called Verizon Wireless, waded through phone menu, which disconnected me
#4 8:42 PM, called Verizon Wireless again, after 8 minutes got through to Ben, who cancelled the account and told me I now could set it up through the Internet at Verizon.com
#5 8:51 PM, went to Verizon.com, website asked me for my phone number, and account number, both of which I had from my previous bill, website could not set up account, gave me an error, tried 3 times, same error
#6 8:57 PM, called Verizon again, spoke to Karen, who sounded as if she was eating popcorn, Karen gave me a number of Verizon’s “E Center,” 866 323-6837
#7 9:02 PM, 866 323-6837 is the number for Center Care Health Plan: Popcorn Karen gave me the wrong number
#8 9:05 PM, Googled “Verizon E Center,” got a number, 866 326-7697, which is not for the E-Center either, it’s for a Bahamas trip sweepstakes
On 7/30/2013 Tuesday, I tried again
#9 5:21 PM, Verizon called me, it was an automated call asking if they could send me an e-mail, asking me to press “1” to accept, pressed “1,” computer said it couldn’t understand my reply and asked me to press “1” again, pressed “1” again, and computer still couldn’t understand reply, I hung up
#10 5:23 PM, called Verizon again, spoke to Miss Lee, who said the only way I could pay my Verizon bill was over the phone for a $3.50 charge, or I could talk to their E-Center, but she did verify, after putting me on hold for 5 minutes, that Maureen had put in a request to set up automatic payment; she did not know what hours the E-Center was open and had to put me on hold again to find out the hours, which are MF 8a-11p, SaSu 8-5, and gave me a number, 866 332-7937 (866-E-Answer), and put me through
#11 5:39 PM, Verizon E-Center’s automated message tells me my wait time is 15 minutes, I wait 15 minutes and at 5:54 PM, speak to Daley, who sets me up with a username and password I can finally use to log into Verizon.com and pay my bill.

Paul G. - Verizon H8er ID: 574E12

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03/13/15 | 3:53AM
Wow, you got resolution after only 11 calls? Consider yourself lucky! I'm at least 30 calls in, 6 months and counting trying to close an account...Will it never end?

joker0221 - Verizon H8er ID: 6966F4

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