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09/17/13 | 15:32PM
Its always the customers problem....

When you are a customer of Verizon, if you have a problem with them, it is totally your problem and never theirs. I have Verizon DSL and landline phone service. This year (2013), I was watching an endurance race on tv where the last few hours were only being broadcasted live online. It was only available to certain internet providers including verizon.

Well I logged onto my verizon account and went to the website hosting it, and come to find no race. several times including starting a new website account and still nothing. So I called verizon customer service, got the runaround and then a live cust service rep. well, she had to look up my billing before even hearing anything from me. I explained my situation and she tells me that is because I do not have Fios. When I hit my head on the ceiling and fell back to the back to the bed, i explained to her that her employer does not provide fios in my area, and never will because of their own business agreement with the cable companies,she told me theres nothing they can do for me. So i told her Im a second class customer to her employer and just shows that there is no customer that is valued at all.

This goes on in 2010. I had DSL service completely shut down for 6 weeks, starting the day after Christmas while couch bound with a broken leg. I lost DSL service, so after a day or so I call. get a runaround by the auto line, then by the rep. He tells me after about 15 minutes the phone with him that theres no outage in the area and that he is unable to provide any further help and can schedule a tech to the door in over 2 WEEKS and he also was very backhandedly so sarcastic to inform me that I WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHARGES FOR A TECH.

Well, after 3 weeks, still no DSL tech to the door I contacted them several times, heard its my line and Im paying for it, everyones still busy, and that if I was calling form the connected landline then I would have DSL!!!! I even had a cust rep go thru the un plugging the router and turn it back on for the umpteenth time. When he said "I see your router", I told him" I never plugged it back in. Do you see the problem yet? I need a technician to the door". He still didnt get it.

Finally got technician 1 to door after about 3 weeks. disgusting. He flippantly told me that he only had an hour to look at my problem. I explained it, he never entered the house to look at the router or check signal, said he would go to the pole and check. That was the last time I saw him.

Technician 2. After another 2 weeks, he shows up says hes got an hour til hes off and he'll look until then. Same thing, never saw or heard from him again. Still no service back.

After I called cust disservice I was told that "the job ticket was cancelled by the owner". Now how did that happen when Im the only one home and I didnt do it?

Technician #3. He shows up from of no where, and sees Im visibly angered. he listened to me, came in to check the signal that NO ONE ELSE DID. He realized that there indeed was a problem. He went to the outside service box and found no dsl signal but had phone. He said hed call me soon, which he did. He said I had a major problem, and needed a special team to enter a confined space and there was only 2 in southern new york. He called his manager and pulled some serious strings to get the team scheduled for in 2 days. H gave me his personal cell # to call and follow up with him directly.

2 days later he calls me and informs me that hes in the bunker. What he found is disturbing. They did a rack expansion on 12/26, put my card on a dead spot on a new rack space so it wasnt even connected. Then they took my exit line and put it to soembody elses working card, so they saw somebody else. THEN, to reprogram the new racks, the internet hub in RICHMOND, VA reprogrammed everybody else wrong, so nobody would be able to see the correct account.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E6F68C

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03/04/19 | 10:12AM
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