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09/25/13 | 2:45AM
many problems with service

Well, let me say that this company, Verizon, is extremely segmented. The sales office could sign me up with a dead line to cancel. But when I went to cancel they could not do it or would not cancel. I have a triplex and wanted to cancel Fios for two of my three units. I thought I finally was successful but the following week I had to chase off two different installation crews. Then there was and is the upgrade quantum speed offered and advertised on TV. The Verizon web sit is one of the worst for a major retail service provider. I finally got the addition service registered on my myverizon site but the speed did not change after 7 days. I spent 1hr and 10 min yesterday on the chat line. The agent had to refer me to a tech agent and he had to verify my upgrade with the billing dept since he was seeing my account with the standard internet speed. Once that situation was cleared up by the billing dept, he had to get the network personnel to get the quantum speed. The agent promised me everything would be okay in a few hours, i.e., I would have 50/25 speed and the charge would be $10 more on my account. Now I have a bill for $23 more than my original contract which is about two months old. And as you guessed I got no increase in internet speed. I really don't know how they can screwup something so simple. And I don't know who to talk with since their support system is totally automated.

Rives Foster - Verizon H8er ID: D223F5

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