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09/26/13 | 17:43PM

I’ve been fighting with Verizon since June 2013 over a JetPak that doesn’t work. They would not take it back even though I tried to return it to the store just 48 hours after I got it. To avoid additional charges for a piece of equipment I can’t use, I had them shut it off while I wade through their corporate mire. Now I’ve been billed about $350 in early terminations fees (combined from Digitel and Verizon) for this piece of junk.

Among the "solutions" Verizon has offered so far: (1) Return the JetPak but still pay a monthly fee for it for the duration of the 2 year contract (HUH!???) (2) They will credit the early termination fees back to my account as soon as I return it to the store where I got it. (I've tried to return it 5 times, beginning, as I said above, 48 hours after I got it and the kids in the store refuse to take it. Can you say, 'Catch-22'?

This morning, I called the corporate number (212/395-1000) and asked for “Lowell’s Office, please.” The operator gave me the third degree about what my call was regarding. I simply said, “An account.” He asked what type of account and I said, “Cellular.” He asked for my phone number, which I gave, then he transferred me !!!!! YEAH! PROGRESS!!!

Not so fast... A woman named Bernadette Tu…. answered. She asked for my full name, which I gave her. I asked for hers and, because I could not make out her last name, I asked her to please spell it. She hung up on me.

I guess my number is now on Verizon Corporate’s blacklist because I’ve called back several times and am getting only a recording.


Another VerizaRape Victim - Verizon H8er ID: DAD6B2

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03/08/19 | 2:13AM
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WekorPoday - Verizon H8er ID: 12C534

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