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10/01/13 | 21:37PM

I just want to share with you the following, I worked for almost 4 years with verizon technical support, this work like this.
Verizon has millions of customers, they have several centers around the world (The one in India is the worst), to be honest the center located in Mexico is the best you can get, everybody thinks that just because you are calling a center that is not in the US they dont know shit and that is completely wrong, the center located in Mexico or UK have the same knowledge as the one in the US and believe me sometimes even more
Agents in the US REALLY!! dont care about anything they have the UNION so there is nothing they are able to do to them, with field techs, well they dont care at all since they are a separate company that provide services to verizon customer and they charge even when they just go and leave a message saying they arrived and there as nobody home.
Im just going to keep it simple, Verizon has millions of customers around the US, less than 10% of their customers complain about their service, the other 90% are either happy with the service or they just dont care, anyway, that means that from every 10 customers just one has issues with their service, you have to realize THEY DONT CARE, if you cancel service they will charge you the early termination fee, they wont have any loss in the investment they made on you to get service for 1 or 2 years since there are other 10 families waiting to get service from them when you are actually cancelling.
People just understand the following.
VERIZON OWNS THE MARKET, if your service doesnt work cancel it, most likely you wont be able to get another service on your area since Verizon FIOS is growing a lot. I'll just give you the best advice I can, next time you call Verizon tech support, get a supervisor right away, be polite and that way your probabilities of getting your service fixed will raise from a 10% to a 70 or 80%
Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DDDB9F

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10/02/13 | 10:23AM
4 years in a row, wow congratz.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 98E60A

10/02/13 | 23:45PM
You're a douche. Just like everyone else always blame the employee. Nice going throwing in the union behind it too. Since you "worked" there you should gave known better its not the employees but its the policies they are required to follow as per management. Union or not! You're just a hater

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BE612C

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