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10/03/13 | 22:21PM
Between a rock and a hard place.

I am a former VZ employee with over 11 yrs experience as a customer rep. While I, myself, have had issues with VZ regarding my own home services, over all, the public is being to harsh on the VZ employees.

The employees are under strict time limits as to how long they are allowed to handle each call they receive. They are alotted abt 7 to 12 minutes to "fix" every issue. What the public doesn't understand is that not all issues can be handled on the spot, like they want it. There are so many types of problems that can happen from the time you place your order, to the time you get your service working.

Your order goes through many different depts, from the online rep who types in your order, to the assignment group who issues your due dates and send out the techs, to the techs who install your service. There are also many other depts, such as, the new acct dept, the sales dept, the billing dept, and God Bless them, the off-line centers. They are the ones who get all your "Angry" phone calls.

As a former off-line rep, I can tell you that on almost every call we answer, the people are pissed-off, frustrated, and down right nasty. I've been called every curse word you can imagine, and some you can't ! Of course we understand how pissed you feel about the problems you are having. But first things first. These employees are not the enemy. Believe it or not, we want to make you happy. Cursing and being rude won't get you far.

Like I mentioned, there are so many steps and depts your order must travel. There are also time issues. The systems have set limits as to how many orders get worked on each day. The reps generally no power to change this. So if you were given a certain due day to be home for the tech and then get a call telling that your date needs to be changed, its not the cust service rep's fault. Usually some thing happen behind the scene that made your order "drop" out of the system.

Add to all these headaches facing your rep, their supervisors are monitoring how long they are on the call with you. They can and do get in trouble if they go over the time alotted to handle each call. They get yelled at, written up and have their jobs threaten if they spend to much time, on to many orders. This leaves the rep wanting to help you but often has to pass you on, or suffer the wrath of their supervisors.

Personally, I ignored their stupid time limits and did all I could to fix things for the cust. I had to cover my ass all the time by either calling a supervisor over to get the ok to keep working the call, or if it took a crazy amount of time, I would explain to the cust that by helping them, I was in trouble and would they please give me a verbal compliment. These compliments got transfered to the supervisor, who noted it for you records. "CYA" (COVER YOUR ASS) was our battle cry.

There is still so many other issues I hvn't talked about. So please, even though you are righteously pissed off, don't take it out on the rep. Like my momma always said "you catch more flys with honey, than vinegar".

Mr MattyB. - Verizon H8er ID: CBE85D

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10/09/13 | 7:07AM
oh dont forget to mention the reps only get five minutes per day to use the bathroom service levels are so bad in california people are being mentally and physically abused they have more employees with bad elbows and carpel tunnel but they dont care as long as you have two fingers you can still type and order BIGGEST OF ALL CUSTOMERS DONE REALIZE THAT WE HAVE NO CONTROL ON VERIZONS POLICY IF THEY ARENT HAPPY GO SOME PLACE ELSE YOU HAVE A CHOICE DONT BEAT DOWN THE PERSON WHO IS ONLY THE MESSENGER

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 500F1B

03/15/19 | 4:23AM


Justinwrorb - Verizon H8er ID: 2B6DB4

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