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10/28/13 | 20:03PM
Lies and more Lies

Needing internet service at our new home, I spoke with a Verizon rep who explained Home Fusion. I explained our normal use: two computer users doing research and email, uploading word docs and photos from time to time...and watching several Netflix films a week. No problem, said the rep, and all for $39 a month. Well, they came and put the antenna on the roof...and the speed was great, connection clear. When it worked. Which was rarely. The answer to these problems is to keep me on the phone for an hour or more while they tweak the system remotely. Unfortunately, they do not pay me for devoting 10 hours a week to this crap -- a nice part time job I never signed up for. Almost immediately they tell us we have used up our allotted bandwidth...leaving me no choice but to go to a larger plan with 20 GB. Which they advise we have immediately exhausted...and present me with a bill for $140 for internet service for the month. Because of overage. I complained..loud and long. They said that perhaps someone is pirating my service and asked me to turn the router off whenever it was not in use...and I still exhausted the allotted bandwidth. Probably because I watched a TED talk.. all 20 minutes of it. I complained again, and now they say that they initially installed the antenna in the wrong direction...but that unless I purchase a maintenance contract, they will have no choice but to charge me $99 to come to the house, and then charge for whatever they do when they get here. I pointed out that we are not talking about maintenance -- they screwed up the original install, they should be fixing it, but they told me "it doesn't work that way". I am getting rid of their service the moment I can find another provider; it cannot possibly get worse than Home Fusion with Verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1894C2

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10/28/13 | 22:27PM
Amongst other postings. Lesson learned. You DO NOT go to a wireless store to get home service. They will sell you crap over wireless. People!!! You are walking into a wireless store! Not landline

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A95FCE

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