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10/31/13 | 17:05PM
Verizon Fios In Southern California Target Seniors and Imigrants

Margaret Serjak President Verizon California
Has instructed all Verizon Fios Managers to push Fios product to all customers in Fios area.
There are telling customers they don't have a choice and have to convert to Fios service or they would loose there service. The biggest victims here are seniors and bilingual customers.
Fios techs are installing Fios services and force to do it by Fios managers if not they get black ball and decipline. Customers don't want it but don't know any better so some do it. Especially that ederly who only have phone service and then are trick into getting TV service and internet when they don't have a computer. Margaret Serjak President Verizon California is fully aware of the abuse she is allowing it and not caring at all about her customers and but only cares about the profit margin and bonuses. So please check your Fios bills for any charges you don't recognize. Especially if you have a senior family members because they could be paying for internet service and cable tv and don't have it. So watch out because its being allowed by this government and nobody doing nothing about.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7A069E

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03/31/19 | 13:06PM
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Make use of your visa or mastercard to fund every day acquisitions but make sure you pay back the credit card in full following the 30 days. This may improve your credit rating and make it simpler so that you can keep track of exactly where your money goes monthly but be careful not to spend too much and pay it back each month.
When your talk to is a location that you are not really acquainted with, be sure that you plan out your course beforehand. There exists ample stress that you may be beneath already, as you should know precisely where you will avoid any difficulties when of your job interview.
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When functioning be suspicious of the kinds of workouts you are carrying out pertaining to the level of physique you are hoping to keep. Some work outs are most important to individuals who are trying to get rid of fat. Some are most useful to those seeking to create lean muscle mass. Some are ideal for all those trying to develop bulkier muscle mass. Be familiar with exactly what the exercise routines you are doing concentrate on.
And also hardwearing . clothes the target when wearing jewelry, opt for small gemstone sections. A basic gem stone band or diamond necklace will prove to add glow and graphic curiosity for your seem, and definitely will not overcome the rest of your outfit. It is best to dress in at the very least 2 components of expensive jewelry that have an identical aesthetic appearance.
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Plan to get rid of a few bucks to homework. When you\'re making deals, it is wise to know about what amount of cash homework can cost you. For example, if you\'re making a small purchase and recognize too far gone that you just basically don\'t want to buy it, then you certainly don\'t want to lose cash this way.
Soon after exercising, be sure to rinse your face without delay. Perspire is actually a key cause of plugged skin pores and acne breakouts. Make use of a moderate cleanser to get this done as an alternative to unpleasant chemical compounds, an easy soap and water remedy can efficiently do just fine and help in keeping the face clean.
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When you have been looking at insurance costs only online, then it could be worthwhile to adopt a visit to the company. Typically, once you speak one on one using a agent, it will be easy to locate a discounted that is certainly not even available on the web by any means.
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If you are planning to start a bottle of sparkling wine or wine, you need to support the jar at with regards to a 45 degree direction. Make sure that you usually are not dealing with anyone or any breakable items as the cork could damage someone or crack some thing. Try to keep the top of the cork and perspective so it is not going to take flight through the air when opening.

Thomasthick - Verizon H8er ID: BBC698

04/03/19 | 20:01PM
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Retaining your brain nimble as you era is not difficult if you proceed learning. Focusing on puzzles or crosswords is the best way to continue to keep nimble, so keep a pen and guide from the washroom for speedy choose-me-ups. Studying is also a great emotional function-out, so take time out each day to savor a guide, local newspaper, or magazine when you can.
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There is not any such thing as effective instinctive Currency trading. You need to have a unique plan set up, understand it extensively and stick to it regularly. There is also to comprehend that you simply win some so you lose some, so you should set up boundaries on what you can stand to lose and when you may walk away. Once you hit your damage limit or maybe your succeed restriction, cease for the day.
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There are several home business prospects around these days. Spend some time to understand a lot of them before you make your choice about what one you might invest in. This is an important stage. Look for a service or product that you will be enthusiastic about. Use the web, textbooks and magazines to learn about the many opportunities that exist for you.
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Kevinitale - Verizon H8er ID: 3B8951

04/11/19 | 6:32AM

Louisnut - Verizon H8er ID: 869B69

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