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10/31/13 | 17:39PM
Margaret Serjak President Verizon California Robs you!

Verizon Fios In Southern California Target Seniors and Imigrants, easy money.
Margaret Serjak President Verizon California
Has instructed all Verizon Fios Managers to push Fios product to all customers in Fios area.
There are telling customers they don't have a choice and have to convert to Fios service or they would loose there service.
The biggest victims here are seniors and bilingual customers.
Fios techs are installing Fios services and force to do it by Fios managers if not they get black ball and decipline. Customers don't want it but don't know any better so some do it. Especially that ederly who only have phone service and then are trick into getting TV service and internet when they don't have a computer.
Margaret Serjak President Verizon California is fully aware of the abuse she is allowing it and not caring at all about her customers and but only cares about the profit margin and bonuses.
So please check your Fios bills for any charges you don't recognize. Especially if you have a senior family members because they could be paying for internet service and cable tv and don't have it. So watch out because its being allowed by this government and nobody doing nothing about. Don't trust any of there supervisors because they will lie to you and promise you things they can't do. All they want is for you to let them install big box outside and a power box inside your house which goes out once or twice a year. Which when it does your out of service. And if your mom uses any type of medical device that requires phone service, then they are out of luck. That is one example.
Margaret Serjak and her cronies don't care about you or anybody but the buttom dollar..... No human dignity for customers or employees...
No matter how good the product is, if your rip off my mom, aunt or any person who don't know better. Your product and service means nothing to me and your a bully, thief who only cares about yourself. I rather take my services to a different company who has human dignity and self respect. Margaret Serjack is the president for Verizon in California and she has no excuses or can not pretend she was not aware of it, because that's her job and she knows. And if she don't, then deserves to be replaced, because what she is doing doing to customers and employees is a crime and should be charged and serve some jail time.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 60DF68

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