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11/01/13 | 6:35AM
Verizon is using credit service company to rip me off for a bill due to their mistake!!

This is a long story. I was a customer with the stupid company because my employer had employee discount with it. I had 2 lines with it for 2 years and then decided to switch to ATT.

Right after my contract expired I called them up and asked to close my account in a month (I gave a buffer for them and me to switch to ATT). They told me everything was fine and would close it even thought they felt sorry about my left. I explicitly asked them 'so I won't be billed anymore, will I ? ' And their answer was 'YES'. I wish I had record that cause 2 months later, they kept billing me even after I switched to ATT.

At the beginning I thought it was a mistake and call them up, you know what ?? Their answer was 'You asked to close your current 'line', but the other line you didn't ask to close it explicitly. And the charge was on that line!'. I was furious and told them when I asked your representative to 'close' the account, I mean I want to close 'everything'. What happened if I have 10 lines ? Should I call you guys and tell you each number to close ??!!. The representative was mad and me and almost yelled at me, I insisted on telling to his manager and finally did, and his manager was also angry but promised me to unwind current change and also one charge one month back. Then I hang up with anger.

The story didn't end here. A month later I saw a reverse charge back to my card for latest bill, but nothing happened to previous one. I was so angry and decided not to call them because I knew it would be a hassle, so I disputed it via my credit card and managed to do it. And only a week later I received a credit service company (sunrise something in new york) to blackmail for a charge from Verizon!!! you know what ? I just couldn't believe it!!!

I just paid the bill on Verizon now. I know, maybe I should fight, but you know what, I am tired of doing it. And I am done with this company forever. My employer is a CDMA chipset provider that's why I got hooked up with Verizon, but I WILL NEVER EVER DO A FUCKING BUSINESS WITH IT ANYMORE! I SWEAR TO GOD, JUST FOR THAT $76 overcharge, ya, that's me, a narrow-minded bastard. So what, go F*** yourself, VERIZON! I wish you go bankrupt tomorrow and got beaten up by ATT and T-MOBILE!!

Snapdragon - Verizon H8er ID: 4AA2E7

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04/07/19 | 16:40PM
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rayrh11 - Verizon H8er ID: 55594E

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HaroldWhift - Verizon H8er ID: 3ADAED

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