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11/04/13 | 15:38PM

I have been searching for a way to pay my final bill online or over the phone for 2 hours, EVERY automated system asks for my number or account number which are no longer on file with them. SO IF I NO LONGER HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON THEIR FILES HOW CAN I STILL BE GETTING BILLS AND HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO PAY MY BILL!? I was raped by this company for years and years and couldnt get out until now because of their contract termination charges and how they made me renew each time I needed to replace a broken phone! they stole thousands of dollars from me in over charges and customer service reps who would claim to give me a loyalty plan but instead change my plan to one that cost 3 times as much, then when I complained they refused to give me any more than 70% of my money back! IF YOU CAN GIVE 70% THEN WHY NOT ALL OF MY STOLEN MONEY!? I hate hate hate this company and I just want my ties with them cut forever and be done with them! ONLY $36 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO F^*#$*#*$ PAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verizonhater - Verizon H8er ID: DC68A6

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