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11/04/13 | 20:19PM
Back Charged and Ill serviced

I was forced into a Verizon contract for a hotspot when I attended a school down south. I used the hotspot for 3 months. I paid for the service for 2 years because, although I was told I cold opt out after 1 year the company informed me I would have a $300 fee to pay if I did. I finished the contract at a costs of almost 60 bucks a month for the life of the contract. I then attempted to cancel. There is no option on all of Verion's "customer friendly" my verizon web options for cancelling your service. After a long internet search I was able to finally cancel the service over the phone. That process in and of itself was not easy as there are many questions designed to get you to stay or purchase further service instead of simply cancelling as I requested. The hot spot was finally cancelled and I was expecting and cancellation notice. What I received instead was a phone call from Verizon's "Collection Service" where they demanded payment for a month of service that was not in contract or used. There was no option to speak to any sane person about how this was an unjust, back bill. It was pay the bill or on to your credit history it went. I paid the extortionist bill. Verizon actually has a person who directs you to how to pay a closed account bill, they were happy to direct me to that service.

Please I beg of you. Tell all of your friends, associates, business contacts, children etc... that this company is not one to do business with. There are many other options in the market place.

So Unhappy with this company - Verizon H8er ID: 628CD7

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12/10/13 | 7:27AM
First and foremost more stupidity, no one forces you in a contract haha.. though really i hate contracts but no one forces you. Did someone grab your hand and make you sign? or did they cut your finger off and use it for thumbprint? I doubt it sure you may not have gotten the full story verbally but once again you moron read the damn thing before you sign your soul away. I have no sympathy for the stupid.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E9CC30

05/06/19 | 18:50PM
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Serviceftn - Verizon H8er ID: 887418

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