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11/08/13 | 23:54PM
Never trust the reps, not even in the store.

First and foremost, I acknowledge my own fault in this story, which is why I'm paying the brutal "gullibility fee" that Verizon got over on me. If there is any possible way the wording of your agreement can translate into fees, don't trust even multiple representatives who tell you you have taken the correct steps to avoid penalties. Verizon will charge you, in my case 6 months after the fact, when nobody at the store will remember ever speaking to you. If a rep tells you something, make sure they note it on your account or you'll be screwed.

I moved to a new area in May 2013 to start a new job, which required me to be on 24-hr emergency call. My employer provided housing that presented only one problem, no Verizon service. I went back and forth with the Verizon store for about a week and a half trying different phones, I bought a $300 signal booster, all to no avail. To check messages I had to go 1/2 mile up the road. When I was on call I had to sleep in the surgery suite at work. That wasn't going to work for a year. My landlord's AT&T phone worked flawlessly at the house. I went back to the Verizon store to see what my options were and the nice people there assured me there would be no problem terminating my contract. I asked about fees, they checked my account and assured me there would be none. I asked them to close the account and they helpfully suggested that I go get set up with AT&T so I could keep my phone number the same. I asked once again about fees, they said there would be none.

On October 31, I got a bill for $426.60 from Verizon that claimed to be past due, no details. After spending almost three hours mostly on hold over two days, I managed to speak to someone who could tell me why Verizon thought I owed them $426. Among the highlights are an early termination fee, an upgrade fee (seriously), and a sprinkling of taxes and regulatory fees. The guy I spoke to was nice enough and I set up a plan to pay it out, but the whole situation is asinine. The kid had enough humanity to chuckle with me when I started laughing after he told me that as soon as I paid off the balance, I would be eligible to reapply for Verizon service. I told him that all Verizon had accomplished was to ensure that this would be the last $400 they ever got from me.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AC0D8E

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