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11/12/13 | 18:18PM
Sold me a phone that doesn't work. Verizon Doesn't are

Don't get me started. I was DUMB enough to buy a verizon phone from the verizon store. OK, rookie mistake. I didn't realize they mark up their phones 50% at the store. OK, so Verizon ripped me off by charging me too much.

Within a few weeks, the phone started acting worse and worse. I called their customer service number, and it took three tries and twenty minutes to talk to a real person, who told me my big "option" was to call the toll free number of the MANUFACTURER MYSELF and try to get them to fix the phone. WHAT! Didn't you evil fukk's sell me the phone? Why don't YOU fix my phone. Frankly, I didn't want to fix the phone.

I told them that a phone that actually works was going to cost me about $140, and could they maybe give me some credit regarding the phone I paid too much for at their stupid Verizon store. No such luck. Screw you, customer, you are on your own.

I asked for a phone number where I could talk to a real person, They gave me 888-294-6804. I tried to get on their forum so I could flame Verizon, and it wouldn't let me create an account. So I called the number that supposedly doesn't have an automated message, and I can't get through. Man this company doesn't care SH||T for it's customers, does it?

h2oskeir25 - Verizon H8er ID: FD7505

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