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11/21/13 | 20:36PM
Sick of paying Verizon to disconnect me every 2 mins

I pay good money every month to Verizon and now because I was on the unlimited wireless plan.. the one that they sold me I am in the 5% of users that has to struggle every day just to get on the internet..3 hours today just trying to connect. I couldn't believe when the customer support told me to bad so sad. Because of this I will never use Verizon for phone service.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9D3584

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11/22/13 | 1:43AM
Verizon/Yahoo "service". Since e-mail forced update I have not been able to open my e-mails, slowwwww opening pages, freezes up all the time, kicked off, try to delete spam e-mail but opens up... real kicker is my internet service fee increased. Called yahoo, automated, ..... if you call regarding e-mail update, sorry you can't change it back to old way. So, they know about the problems but won't FIX IT. Wish I could find someone who would be able to start class action lawsuit. Three months of problems.

Anicca - Verizon H8er ID: D8C1FC

12/11/13 | 20:37PM
I am also in that "five percent" as is everyone in my nearby towns. Sadly, verizon is the only game around. Our service is terrible, even when the local store admits some if it is verizons fault- -- as in telling their customers that a farmer's bull ripped up the tower area!!!! Causing trouble for months. Not that they refund a dime to anyone, for anything, ever.
Just had serious issues now -- a lot like the other stories. Lying, cheating, and stealing -- yes, and all without service!!! Even though the tower is three miles away.
BTW, my neighbor was approaches recently by verizon because they wanted to put up a tower in her property. They just showed up, gave her prepared papers that would allow a tower on the property almost eternally while offering her a ridiculously small sum! She said they were arrogant and rude, especially when she told them no.
It's a verizon monopoly around here and that is bad news. And they're selling our personal data!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DA0C76

04/14/19 | 8:28AM
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felixkr4 - Verizon H8er ID: 5456C1

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