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12/11/13 | 18:56PM
Home phone connect ripoff

I had verizon cell phone service for six months before my phone started dropping most of my calls daily at home. Because I had spent almost two hundred dollars on a warranty for the phone (iPhone 4), I expected no problem. Instead they made me jump thru hoops --endless visits to the local store where they repeatedly tinkered with it, sending me home to see that again it won't work! Finally I got the "replacement phone" which was not a new phone, but a used one that also dropped all my calls.
You would think I would have learned but I decided to try the home phone connect after all the salespeople assured me it would work, despite my doubts about it using the same faulty cell phone tower. So -- the home phone connect is a glorified cell phone and started dropping calls after a month or so. You have two weeks to let them know if you are keeping it. The weather was nice enough in the first couple of weeks but now, four weeks later, it is dropping a third of my calls if windy or rainy.
Too bad for me! After making several phone calls to them they insist on now charging me almost two hundred dollars just to get out of the deal. Even the store manager will not help or even return calls on time (the store rarely answers their phone and customers end up having to drive there -- for nothing.
They make you sign up for a two year contract and yet your phone/equipment is warranted for one -- unless you pay them almost 200 extra for "insurance." -- and, again, this is for a USED replacement phone -- still gets pathetic service. So now I am paying for two useless phones, despite all promises. Please be careful if you must deal with them (they are the only carrier that works here so I am stuck).
I am happy to have a place to vent and warn. These huge corporations will take everything they can -- they know only greed.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EA4E80

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