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12/12/13 | 20:27PM
Verizon Fios - Scamming Scum!!!!!!

Hard NOT to believe the person claiming to be a Verizon employee told to flat out lie and mislead customers! Especially after the experience that lead me to this forum begin with.

I have been a Fios Customer off/on for Total of 5 years, and I can POSITIVELY say, any and ALL conversations had with Verizon Customer Representatives have been difficult to say the least. When you have no other choice but to speak with a rep, because online options do not exist for a particular situation, what I was told and what happened were NEVER the same. Ultimately resulting in additional charges when taking reps at their word.

Each time you call them to resolve one issue, they create another you could not have anticipated... Hard not to feel as if it is intentional since I've repeatedly tried to bring matters to their attention.

If Verizon Fios was my only Cable/Internet Provider Choice, I would HONESTLY give them up completely and watch the grass grow in the yard rather then pay Verizon one unearned cent.

Thank goodness I have competition in my area and I will not have to deal with the lairs again!!!

Michelle - Verizon H8er ID: D79BA0

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02/25/19 | 18:31PM


DavidDen - Verizon H8er ID: D48219

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