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12/18/13 | 4:03AM
Verizon car charger fried my phone and they want me to pay!

Driving today with my phone plugged in the car charger. I smell melting plastic. I panic. At first, I think it is my car but once I pick up my phone and pull it out of the charger, I burn my finger. The plastic is melting and has fried my phone! It is not charging. I take it to the store. They plug it into their phone and it is charging. They charge it for twenty minutes. It is at 20%. They give me a new charger. Two minutes after we walk out of the store, it is at 0% and shuts off. We go back. They tell me I have to pay for an upgrade because it is no longer under warranty. They tell us we have to speak with customer service. Spend over two hours on the phone with customer service and they offer me nothing. Instead, they blame me for their faulty charger!!! They refused to replace the phone because I did not have insurance. I stated that if it were my fault AT ALL I would understand. They would not budge. I walked out empty handed. The verizon store employees hid in the back the entire time being utterly useless.

Jill - Verizon H8er ID: CB669F

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