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12/22/13 | 20:49PM
iphone sucks as much as verizon

I received the iPhone 4 free as part of my 'new every two promotion' September 2012. I was pretty excited as it was the hot item at the time. I got insurance on it as I always do my phones since they are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive without. I also added a line to my plan for my sister who also got the iPhone 4 free. I was told about an activation fee of $35 or something for her new line but that was it. on my next Bill, there were charges totaling $230 for activation of the new phones, activating the new line, etc. Ridiculous! Ii didn't even plan on upgrading. They offered it as FREE! That's not even the kicker though. Five months after getting my iPhone, the home button stops working. I take it to Verizon. they say its still under manufacturers warranty and I need to go to Apple. okay. So I go to Apple. by this time the software is also glitchy and the phone constantly has to be shut off and turned back on to reset it. they look into the plug port for one second and say 'this phone got wet that house your warranty'. I tell them that it never got wet and. That's bullshit. they never even opened the phone. I asked what my options were and he said I could buy the Apple care plan for $150 and have it replaced. I told him no thanks I already have an insurance plan on the phone. So I go back to Verizon and they tell me its $175 to use my phone insurance to replace it! For a phone that was free in the first darn place! I told them forget it. I wasn't impressed with the phone in the first place and I turned and old droid back on. what a crock of shit

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9CADE9

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12/22/13 | 21:52PM
All insurance carriers require a deductible. Another idiot with a cell phone.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 77C00F

04/17/19 | 20:56PM
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ericaqm69 - Verizon H8er ID: 580A30

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