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12/28/13 | 17:25PM
create fiction to extort more money

Think twice about using Verizon. To give the devil its due, the coverage is good and no dropped calls. The terrible downside: billing and customer service live on different planets. Customer service folks tell you want you want to hear; billing folks charge what they want and upgrade without telling you and then charge extra -- in my case about $97. Twice the customer service gave us a figure for billing four lines and twice the bills came in much higher (not because of taxes). Then, Verizon upgraded my service without informing me and threatened bill collectors if I didn't pay them an extra $97. How do they get away with this? They support (huge sums of money) Republicans who protect them through ALEC and the ultra conservative courts that protect corporations and piss on consumers. You'll save an almost infinite amount of frustration and substantial amounts of money by using Ting.

Fred White - Verizon H8er ID: C760BE

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12/29/13 | 18:56PM
At least you have service! We pay full price for constantly dropped calls, then have to deal with the incompetence you have well described. Agree with you also about ALEC -- but Republicans aren't the only ones in bed with the global elite. Our president has been as bad as any Republican can hope to be--sneakily passing thru the Monsanto Protection Act, etc. (I am a Democrat but I see that crooked politicians are in both parties--we need unified action against these monsters!)

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 48F5FF

03/07/19 | 3:26AM


Jamesbok - Verizon H8er ID: CEFF4F

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