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01/02/14 | 22:11PM
Date Overage Charges

I am writing to you because I am looking to find a lawyer who will take up a pro bono case regarding unfair charges to people’s bills relating to data usage with Verizon. I have a Droid Razr and use the internal devices data measure to keep myself from going over on my data usage. However, the “disclaimer” in the device says that its measure may not be the same as the one sued by my provider. My maximum data usage is 5 gigabytes per month.
This December I put my limit, as usual at 5 gigabytes and once I approached this threshold I turned off my data. The device’s measure says that I used 4.96 gigabytes of data. However, to my chagrin, Verizon mobiles accounting (which is slower and not real time like my device) a day later said I went over. Thus, Verizon claims I used 5.004 gigabytes and am thus subject to their $15 fee added for an overage charge.
I went to Verizon customer service with this issue and the customer service was, as is typical with Verizon who has almost a market share that is 25% larger than their nearest competitor, cold, dismissive and blamed me for the discrepancy. They basically told me to shut up and swallow the charge and next time to set my limit on my phone’s internal clock even lower.
I intend to write my Congressman/Senators/the Governor and other institutions involved. I wonder how many times other people have been abused and charged needless fees by this behemoth. I have included photos of my phones usage. Please write back to advise me what further actions to take.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E990B2

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01/10/14 | 5:06AM
The reason that your phone has that disclaimer is that the phones meter is estimated. Not 100% accurate. Any lawyer that would take your case would be a fool. The device tells you that it may not be accurate and you think pictures of the devices stated (inaccurate) usage helps. Also, in your customer agreement, you agree that any legal action would be done through arbitration.
You will have better luck filing suit against Toyota because you are not getting the estimated mph and you are paying more than expected for gas.

Free Legal Advice - Verizon H8er ID: 2505FC

01/13/14 | 1:59AM
I currently have the same problem. I just moved from unlimited to 6GB as I renewed my contract. At the moment I renewed my contract, I had used 5.87GB for the first 10 days of my billing cycle at the moment of the "renewal" of my contract. The salesrep promised they were going to prorate my new 6GB to my remaining days. As obvious they did not so so, hence I have practically stopped using my phone and I have been monotoring my usage in order to avoid going my 6GB allotment. All of the sudden, in few hours my GB usage jumped from 5.87 to 12.85 - how the hell this happened?! I called and I have encounter very rude field managers! Spent literally my entire Sunday fighting them! No success! Now I am facing potential charges of 7GB overage. CSR are so so stupid, I understand they are low paid (hence low qualified) individuals, however all I ask is a little common sense for God's sake! How can someone use 7GB in 4 hours while connected to wifi!? As the cherry on top, when I go and download my usage to a spreadsheet I see 5.79GB!, but my welcome page shows 12.89GB.

Luis - Verizon H8er ID: 4A635D

02/04/14 | 23:49PM
Same issue. I went from unlimited to 6GB at 4:30 pm on Sunday 2/2. My billing cycle ends on Monday 3/3. Other than setting up WiFi and screens when I got home I did not use the phone. At 7:30 am Monday I receive a text from Verizon almighty informing me that I have exceeded my 6GB by 2GB and will be billed an additional $20.00 ...WTF? My average for the last 3 months is ~ 2GB per month, how did I do this overnight on WiFi? Thanks for a platform to vent. Good luck to all of my fellow Verizon suckers

Dwayne - Verizon H8er ID: DA8EAC

02/04/14 | 23:55PM
Correction - That should read, billing cycle ends Monday 2/3

Dwayne - Verizon H8er ID: DA8EAC

10/06/15 | 2:01AM
10/1/2015 I have Verizon phone and jetpack internet access. our plan starts on the 5th we have a 15gb data plan we got a text on sept.12 saying we used 90% of our data. we went to bed on sept.13th at 1:05am we started getting texts by 4:00 am we had 12 more texts saying we had gone over our 15gb limit and was now at 26gb. we had to upgrade to a 30gb plan and stop using the computer except for extreme emergencies. we still ran over on the last billing day by 200mb. I also got a new android phone witch melted down after 20 days! so they replaced it with a refurbished one!plus I down loaded windows 10 the month before Verizon said that's why I went over but that was on the previous months bill. my question is why cant I pay for what I use. Ive been with them for 7 yrs. and normaly use8 to 12 gbs but im paying for 15gbs. EVERY MONTH IM PAYING FOR 4 TO 7GBS THAT I CANT USE!!!WHERE IS MY MONEY FOR UNUSED DATA!! IF YOU GO OVER BY 1MB THEY WANT TO CHARGE YOU 15 DOLLARS FOR ANOTHER GB! I THINK ILL CONTACT THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION AND BBB. AND MY CONGRESSMAN.THEY HAVE A WAY OF TELLING EXACALLY HOW MUCH DATA YOU USE BUT THEY CHOSE TO RIP YOU OFF!!!

T CLODFELTER - Verizon H8er ID: 0F0A9C

04/01/19 | 9:56AM

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Shawnkiz - Verizon H8er ID: 1BA469

04/10/19 | 17:49PM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: EC5D34

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