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01/04/14 | 4:35AM

so. where I live I cant get high speed. and I thought this would be the best way.. Worst Idea ever!!!!!!!!!!

Right now my bill for internet alone was 190.00
I get 10GB.. I only email... and use ebay.. no games no streaming.. but everytime an add shows up I get charged.. WORST thing I have ever had
Every GB over.. I am charged 10.00 more.. Now I am always running out by the 24 of the month!

PANSY80 - Verizon H8er ID: CF97B4

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01/23/14 | 5:48AM
I know how you feel they did the same thing to me an I wanna sue them but not sure how....my account has been suspended an then sent to collections an I have emails that was sent to me during the time I had no service 3 days in a row telling me I am at 77 % of my usage next day im at 93% an next day im at my limit.......AND I DIDNT EVEN HAVE SERVICE......so this is proof they rip people off.......im saving all emails an they keep sending me emails of my bill that jus keeps getting higher an higher an I HAVE NO SERVICE WITH THEM FOR MONTHS??

qtiptam@gmail.com - Verizon H8er ID: 68A2C0

05/09/19 | 2:37AM
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Stevempinc - Verizon H8er ID: 7C1D07

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