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01/05/14 | 17:10PM
Ohh how they lie, cheat, swindle and RIP US OFF!

Hidden "Surcharges", "fees", "Extra added on phantom "Taxes" and more charges, fees and taxes! What is supposed to $109.99 per month is actually $175 per month! The service SUCKS, my phone is ALWAYS a noisy, static filled, echo chamber of doom! The TV service is horrendous, they constantly take AWAY channels, but of course they NEVER lower the price! PIN numbers to stop people in the house from "buying" PPV shit DOESN'T WORK! Everyone can still "purchase" PPV's! I fuckin HATE it but I'm STUCK in a two year "contract" where it's OK for them to harass ME constantly if I pay a day or two late, and also OK if THEY shut my shit off if I pay late or even miss a payment, but god forbid if I wanna get rid of it, I have to pay some insane $350 "early contract termination fee"! Their Tech people are all retarded know nothing liars and assholes, their customer service gorillas are the worst, most uneducated, under-trained, useless inbred retards! I WISH they would get caught cooking their books, cause ya KNOW they fuckin' DO, every corporate with a hand in the governments pockets (or vice versa) does it and they go under! Verizon can EAT MY ASS! I could tell you how my equipment (ONT) box MELTED from the inside out and almost burnt my fuckin' house down but than I'd be here all day rehashing what has taken me months to get over and it would take me all day to type every step I had to go through with these worthless cocksuckin' thieves!!!!!!

Verizoneatsballs! - Verizon H8er ID: 0C1902

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03/29/19 | 13:17PM
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josephdi1 - Verizon H8er ID: A9FFC6

04/17/19 | 12:38PM

Jeffreygem - Verizon H8er ID: 6E8653

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