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01/08/14 | 2:43AM
BAIT & SWITCH is Verizon's Game

Verizon has just screwed a 10-year customer and they don't care one bit. I have been a satisfied client until now. I called to have an ADDITIONAL internet line added for my Mom who has her own pad (small mother-in-law home next door). My wifi signal just has not been strong enough to boost to her home 15 ft away despite my multiple attempts through various methods. I an NOT super knowledgeable about these kinds of things but talked to people and tried things they suggested but no great improvement so since Verizon (WAS) my internet provider I called them. I will save you the LONG story and just say they quoted me $19.99 + 2.49 insurance for a SECOND internet line at same address on my same bill. They said they would mail me a install kit. Instead a tech showed up to install and when questioned he said he had a work order. I had him call his boss because I was told I would receive it in the mail and therefore no install charges. He called and boss said go ahead an install "your there" but they assured me no extra charge. Bull**** and that's only the beginning. It's making my head hurt just typing this as I have now been on the phone for over an hour with Verizon and end result is SORRY! Oh I forgot to say that my $19.99 + $2,49 bill (plus taxes and fess) came in at $220.12!!!! I was shocked and pissed to say the least. I was charged for everything in the book they could add on; service call, tech install, activation fee, turning on a phone line, the router and SO much more. What rep told me on the phone was a complete LIE. The floor supervisor I just spoke to told me that they have not offered the plan she was so kind and sweet to sell me on in over 2 years! So that's my fault? SORRY 10-year customer, you will need to write our corporate office, but pay bill or we will have to report you to the credit bureau. FIND ANOTHER WAY TO GET WHAT YOU NEED ** AVOID VERIZON OR PAY UP!

PISSED IN TEXAS - Verizon H8er ID: E6251A

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01/22/14 | 22:31PM
After Verizon screwed up an order and tried to install FiOS at my house a few hours before I went to settlement on the sale, they could not bother to look at the order and supply it at the correct (new) address as was ordered.
They even looked up if FiOS was available at the new location, and said it would not be an issue to port my phone number to a different area code using FiOS.

Every time I talked with them the price came back higher than was originally offered at the new house.

And after installation they refused to port the number since "the area code is different."

BenR - Verizon H8er ID: AA113C

02/28/19 | 2:11AM
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sherriezi60 - Verizon H8er ID: E4769A

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