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01/15/14 | 8:13AM
Final Bill Worse than if Would've Terminated

I haven't used my digital device phone since last year and wasn't sure I wanted to keep it. I suspended service for a couple of months in the summer and then asked Verizon for their advice when I realized I no longer had a need for it at the end of the summer. They said a termination fee of $95 would apply if I did terminate my contract. It was only $24 a month and was useful when I needed it. 3 weeks ago before Christmas my bill was at $78 & I was told if I pay my bill this month since its ahead of time some of that will be credited back to me- still making think it's better than an early terminatino fee, all of a sudden one day before my contract ends on 1/15 my bill is $150 because my phone was deactivated. Excuse me, you just doubled my bill, wtf ? Why didn't someone tell me months ago to terminate, suck up the termination fee and it would all be done. I had to scream my head off until a "supervisor" took the $50 fee off and I'm still paying more than $25 over what my final bill was supposed to be with the included "credit" that was supposed to happen since I pay in advance. Why does it take screaming your head off and losing all composure to get them to adjust for their lack of good advice ? All the phone calls I made over the last few months and having to repeat my story each time and NOT ONE of their reps said it'd just be easier in the long run to terminate early and not have any more worries about a phone I don't even use. I told the manager in my lack of composure state their employees all must be liars before being hired-it's a requirement.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 71F291

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01/16/14 | 3:45AM
Call financial services, they handle these types of calls 866-266-1445. If you call the billing dept you are wasting your time.

Fuck VZ - Verizon H8er ID: 0E0FD4

01/07/19 | 3:03AM
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cathyfj11 - Verizon H8er ID: 15C855

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