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01/16/14 | 3:40AM
How the billing department at VZ works!!!

For anyone who has ever wondered how the billing department at Verizarape works here you go:

(This is for Verizon Fios, not sure how Wireless works)

Everything is handled by another department or by various third party company's, the billing department doesn't really even exist. All a person in the billing department can really do is explain to you why your bill is fucked up on a monthly basis or transfer you to another department to escalate the issue you are having with your bill, because like I said no one in the billing dept has the power to do anything!!!

Why does the billing department even exist? If they can not handle any billing issues like none at all!!! You would think that a dept known as the billing dept would handle those types of calls right? Well wrong they can not do anything. They are limited to giving out refunds and credits, they can not turn your services back on after paying your bill, they do not handle customer finance issues that have do with billing, they do not negotiate payments to lower or help you pay your bill. NOTHING!!!

You can't even pay your bill over the phone with these people!!!! They will transfer you to the bill matrix a.k.a the automated prompt from hell, which will charge you 3.00 dollars to use. Or they will tell you to go pound sand.

In reality the billing department is more like the sales department. You call in with a fucked bill, but instead having the rep fix the billing issue, Verizon's solution is to have the rep try and sell you a package or an offer that sounds to good to be true, that sounds like it will save you money and lower your bill. In the end all it will result in, is you having a higher bill than you did previously because there are prorated charges, additional hidden fees, and more, it's really a bait and switch tactic scam.

The billing dept also does not fully handle refunds or credits. OK in truth a rep you speak to over the phone can make a billing adjustment to a customer's bill and tell them over the phone that it's taken care of. However before any adjustments or credits are changed on the customer's actual bill they have to go through Verizon's quality assurance team and then go through a third party. Quality assurance and the third party company are assholes however because even when a customer is entitled to credits and or/a refund they will find any reason to deny the customer that money back. This is why customer's call in month after month regarding the same issues with refunds and credit adjustments.

When you have a real billing issue expect to be transferred to customer financial services or elsewhere!!!

Former VZ Employee

Fuck VZ - Verizon H8er ID: B9638E

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01/17/14 | 16:56PM
Since 2001 every dept within the merged companies ( GTE & Bell Atlantic ) have had complete overhaul. Billing, Sales and their individual states have a myriad of billing requirements. Different office locations were made to learn new software that was flawed for years. Each problem required a "work around" to maintain productivity when the software did not have the ability to bill a customer properly. Each of those work arounds revels itself when an added or removal service order is created on the existing order.

Good Luck I do not see full correction for many years.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8B91C8

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