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01/20/14 | 3:58AM
Our soldier came home to the nightmare that is VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Computer and dsl shut downs when our son was here on leave from the US Army before a deployment to Afghanastan. NOW, he is back at his base and the nonsense continues here. Tonight, because not every person in the household enjoys NFL football games, just one of the three sets for which we pay for service worked. We did the trouble shooting and plugged and UNplugged this and that to no avail. The last time this happened we spent over an hour following the instructions of a VERIZON tech who finally gave up. I said, "I think that the dsl 'box' is the problem." It was!!!! I was told that another box would be sent. It was and it was a refurbished old old model that was filled with dust and grime. We pay far too much money for UNacceptable behaviors while the big shots at VERIZON make more money than God Himself.
Our son will soon deploy and I will then shut VERIZON out of his life and ours. I hate verizon and I hate THAT the state of Florida allows a big company to cheat Florida's citizanry. Enough.

justmekathyb - Verizon H8er ID: 1A942F

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03/26/19 | 18:20PM

Egorzed - Verizon H8er ID: 484819

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