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01/22/14 | 22:25PM
Number Stealing

Verizon FiOS assured me they could port a number from McLean, Virginia (Northern part of the state) to Culpeper, Virginia (about one third of the state southwest) using FiOS.

I hired Verizon to install FiOS in my new house in Culpeper.

After the install they simply refused to port the number citing the difference in area codes.

They stole my number on November 7, 2013 and the copper lines where shot down on that day.

They have since refused to make the number active so it could be ported by BasicTalk, MagicJack, or any other company.

They have offered to install FiOS at a house a no longer own and have no access to to allow the number to be activated so it could be ported.

Since FiOS equipment requires access inside the house for power when installed it cannot be installed at a house I no longer own.

Verizon simply refuses t 'turn on' the copper lines serving the house since it is in a "FiOS area" and they are trying to drive ALL customers onto the far more expensive FiOS system.

Since the number is not active it cannot be ported to another service provider.

The number remains in limbo held by Verizon as of 1/22/2014.

FiOS is apparently beyond the reach of the Virginia State Corporation Commission and Public Utilities Commission.

I have filed an FCC complaint but have little faith they will do anything.

So much for 'number portability.'

BenR - Verizon H8er ID: 649F7E

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01/24/14 | 11:41AM
porting a number from one area code to another is not permitted. Porting numbers is not permitted to different wire centers either. But you can have a NOVA number in Culpepper. It is a special circuit and is very expensive. I have that plan from a Hampton Roads phone number to Richmond.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EE6D79

03/12/14 | 23:55PM
Not to burst your bubble dude....but FIOS is FIBER OPTICS.

Once they setup FIOS to a home, there are NO COPPER wires to 're-activate'. They are gone.

You can pay them a crap-load of money to put them back-in, I suppose, but it would hardly be worth it.

Tallon41 - Verizon H8er ID: 7D194A

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