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01/25/14 | 10:15AM
Screw these scammers, I'd rather have dialup.

Signed up for internet and phone and they tell me there's $25 fee on top of monthly bill for "installation". I ask for what, they talking nonsense about "stuff they have to set up". They say part of the fee is for the router they're sending me. I ask if I can just use the one I already have, they say no that this is a "special" router. I ask them why not just tell me the make and model and let me see if it costs $25, they say no, that it's a special one made for verizon specifically and there is no way to avoid the $25 fee. Router comes, the made/model is at least 8 years old, looks refurbished comparing it to my other 1 mo old router. Set it up, doesn't work. Do a bunch of tests from their end, nothing works. Tells me I have to get a new router and gonna charge me another $25 or send a guy out and charge me $65. I said why not let me just buy a router, it's not like it's a secret since the one I got from can be bought. They tell me no, it's a "special" router, so they charge me again, I also pay for shipping to send their crap router back. I ask what's the fee for then if I have to send it back? They tell me "installation". Pretty pissed off by now, but think fuk it let's see where this goes. New one comes and still doesn't work. Took the router to my friend's house, googled that piece of crap, it's not even being made anymore. Checked the firmware on it, it's at least 5 versions out of date. Update the firmware, works fine. I tell verizon what I did to get it to work, they say I have to send it back because I tampered with the software. I told them go fuckyourselves. Got a letter saying I have to send the router back, I tell them if they want it come pick it up. Get the bill, not only did they charge me about $20 what I originally signed up for, they charged me for local long distance even though it's unlimited US/Canada. Reported to the BBB, using comcast now. Hope they're better.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DF4B01

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04/25/19 | 14:10PM
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kennethiv18 - Verizon H8er ID: 71CCCD

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