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01/29/14 | 19:50PM
V. Wireless intimidation, and coercion. Fraud?

Verizon sold me a wireless package to allow wired phones to connect through local phone numbers. The equipment suffered constant faults: Wouldn't duplex, enormous delays, dropped calls, mystery resets, bad connectivity.

I took the product back and they admitted it was an immature technology and needed more work. They found nothing wrong with it, naturally. I kept trying it with the same dismal results.

After I moved I found I couldn't even use it at all, it was so bad. They missed two service calls at the new address, leaving me without any phone service for days. I finally returned it and resorted to a wired connection.

Now they've been hounding me for 2.5 years for a $300 service contract termination fee, two weeks before it would have expired. Thirteen calls to them result in not a bit of agree-ability - all they live for, even from faulty equipment they know is bad, is their service contract.

I'm a company owner with an attorney. We'll be taking this as far as these people want to take it. As far as I know they are in violation of State law for attempting to collect a bad debt.

You cannot have a customer sign a contract and then vend him product you know is faulty while failing to service it, shielding yourself behind that contract. That is fraud.

See you in court, crooks.

Ten - Verizon H8er ID: 0F303F

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02/03/14 | 3:23AM
For months Verizon has committed fraud against me. The phones they send don't work. They send another doesn't work. But I have never missed paying the bill. But they continually send me phone that doesn't work. I'm done with Verizon and their blaming.....For their Motorola droid joke of a phone. Im not responsible for verizons problems, yet somehow I've been suckered into paying for it. Frankly Verizon can fuck off, that's what I tell thieves.

beware of verizarape - Verizon H8er ID: 3A9E1C

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