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01/29/14 | 22:50PM
Two bad encounters.

I attempted to pay our final Verizon wireless bill in the local store today. I was not allowed to PAY the bill because the account is in my husband's name rather than mine. I was told that it would "invade his privacy" for me to know the amount of the bill--I had the statement in my hand. I was then told that allowing me to PAY the bill would be them participating in identity theft. (Please, Lord, do not protect me from identity theft in the form of people paying our bills!) I was told that they "value security" even if I don't and that "this account has nothing to do with you". The same store, six months ago refused to tell me the cost of a basic plan upgrade on the same grounds.

Second was two months ago at a different store, when my now disabled father accidentally locked his voicemail on his Verizon cell phone. He could not go into the store. I went to the store with his phone, his statement and all necessary info and was told they could not unlock the voicemail account unless he came in himself. I explained the situation and they would not relent. I ended up asking for a manager and asking him if they really needed me to show up with a Power of Attorney form over unlocking a cell phone voicemail account. The manager decided to do it for me at that point.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 623665

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