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02/06/14 | 13:54PM
GTE / VERIZON - SPY & Eavesdrop Corporation

I became employed by GTE - through a temporary agency ( now a trend to underpay employees and deny health coverage ? ) back in 1993 - after what seemed to me - endless calls - and begging for a JOB - after being laid off by ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL - ( both companies have 555 million dollars UNDERFUNDED PENSION plans ??? after BOEING bought Rockwell in 1996 and VERIZON bought GTE in 1998 ? )

During my almost 6 years with GTE - I was subjected to what amounts to INDUSTRIAL TORTURE and ESPIONAGE - I was constantly being called on the carpet for attendance issues - due to an unknown illness - ??? - NERVOUS BREAKDOWN$ - etc.

I was FRAME by a WOMAN for INTERNET PORNO viewing - so management went through my DESK - and confiscated all my data - files - etc. and tried to have me FIRED - but the evidence was BOGUS and the Charges were DROPPED -

I sued them for INVASION of PRIVACY - in APRIL / MAY of 1998 - just weeks after I quit GTE - being made to work in a room by myself - under the scrutiny of a video camera - for 6 months ???

In MAY 1998 - my youngest son 11 years old - was RUN OVER BY A PICKUP TRUCK and GTE - denied COBRA coverage - I was SUED by everyone and their brothers for $65,000 in medical bills for my youngest son - because and in SPITE of GTE medical insurance coverage -

Meanwhile - LAW ENFORCEMENT - US MARSHALLS - FBI - Riverside County Sheriff Department - have all had their parts in the total persecution of my family and my son - and our FREEDOM of SPEECH - and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS -

I have been kept in complete DESTITUTION and BANKRUPTCY - BLACK BALLED - even though I went back to school - attended some LAW school - paralegal school - etc. I have been DENIED EMPLOYMENT for 16 years now -

I have had my drivers license suspended for CHILD SUPPORT I never owed - 4 times - was kept in a constant state of PENNILESS - had my HOME STOLEN in FEDERAL COURT - MY CARS - MY TRUCK$ - everything I owned -

THEN they started to ATTACK MY SON -
They took him from the HIGH SCHOOL his brother and sister attended - placed him in PERRIS ACADEMY
a school for DELINQUENT$ -

They persecuted him all during HIGH SCHOOL - the same kid that (GTE) had run over in the streets of our TOWN by ILLEGAL MEXICANS - who have taken over this area - and are EMPLOYED by all the LARGE HOME BUILDERS - the HOTEL INDUSTRY - HOSPITALITY etc.

WE can not even get work.
My son was attacked and BLINDED by GANSTA$ in 2010

Edward M. Caraccioli - Verizon H8er ID: D4FF5B

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03/11/19 | 4:44AM

Russellclice - Verizon H8er ID: 294BD6

04/15/19 | 20:22PM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: 052510

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