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02/23/14 | 22:52PM
Confessions of a Verizon Billing Representative (Fios)

I came across a page recently called 7 Confessions Of A Verizon DSL Tech Support Rep, and thought I would give my own take at working at Verizon from a former billing representatives perspective.

Sales Are More Important Than Actual Customer Service: When a customer has billing issues, a Verizon billing representative is not trained to handle actual billing issues. The main goal of working as a Verizon billing representative is to sell, sell, sell, and make more SALES!!!! even at the cost at screwing over a customer who is already having issues with billing. Verizon representatives will usually generate a package on there computers at a lower cost to persuade customers that they will be saving. However customers are not told about pro-rated charges, taxes, and hidden fees, plus whatever previous one had, that will be included on the following bill when they switch over to the new package. From the beginning billing representatives are trained on how to sell Verizon products, how to get customers to switch from copper to Fios, never trained on anything that has to do with billing. There is even a ticker on the call center wall that shows how much money, you made Verizon today or a system on your computer that shows the amount of sales you made.

Outsourcing is the Key: At Verizon outsourcing is the key to everything, from the moment you pick up the phone you are not actually calling Verizon, instead you are being transferred to a third party call center not just in India or the Phillipines but even in the United States, Verizon has outsourced there employees to other companys. Even the outsourcing company itself has its own outsourcing company that monitors everything for Verizon down to quality assurance. The outsourcing company even has the power to deny a customer credit or a refund if a representative makes a credit adjustment over $20.00 dollars. The outsourcing company that worked for the Verizon call center I was employed at (Kipany) would even deny billing adjustments for no reason even when it was money entitled to the customer on Verizon's behalf.

You Will Never Get to Speak to a Supervisor: Supervisors do NOT want to speak to customers especially when the customer is infuriated. ''Supervisors'' have other things they are doing such as monitoring there team's metrics, or are taking calls from other reps. You have to give a really legit reason to the supervisors otherwise he/she will brush you and just tell you to keep de-escalating the call. Basically what that means keep stalling the customer, transfer them back into que, or just try to calm them down. Other supervisors are just lazy and are just sitting around flirting with representatives, sitting at there desk, or keeping themselves occupied while the rep takes the heat from an angry customer. Do not expect to get a supervisor when you ask for one, or better yet this is the reason one must wait forever for a supervisor to speak to a customer.

Metrics Are What Rules in VZ Fios Call Center: Metrics are everything, just like in all call centers there are metrics one must follow. At Verizon however things are a little different as trying to sustain metrics can cause somewhat of a contraindication for a representative. The three biggest metrics they push are AHT (Average Handle Time), FCR (First Call Resolution) and transfer rate. These three metrics contradict one another because 1 a call is suppose to be at least 9:30 (9 minutes and 30 seconds), however it is very hard to keep calls to a minimum of 9:30, when a customer is calling in angry about an issue that needs to be resolved and has been calling for months or when a customer is waiting on hold literally over 15 minutes for a supervisor. 2 There is no resolution at Verizon ever, much less any type of first call resolution, you throw customers back into que or you sell them something that's it. 3 managers want you to reduce your transfer rate however it is very difficult when many of the calls need to be escalated to different departments, mainly because the billing representatives are not trained on certain issues.

Systems Constantly Crash and Computers are Old: This one does not relate to much to the customer or the consumer, but I just thought I would point out that for a company that makes billions of dollars in the telecommunications industry, and tries to force the latest and greatest in fiber technology down people's throats. It is quite comical how Verizon can not supply it's call centers with newer or more updated computers, as well as with high speed internet or software that actually works. The system called Vibe is an absolute joke, it looks more like a google wannabe full of bloatware, its suppose to be a tool for representatives to use but it is so horrible I never actually saw anyone use it on the floor. Another system called Cofee is even worst, it full of errors that constantly cause the system to crash at the push of a button, if one makes a mistake in Cofee, one must go back and start all over, it is also a very slow running program. There are a ton of other programs out there billing representatives use, that are more like bloatware, and can be confusing to navitigate especially since most billing represenatives heck even supervisors at Verizon Fios are probably not even computer literate.

The Billing Department Does Not Do Any Billing or Handle Any Billing Issues: As I mentioned above the main goal of a Verizon Billing Represenative is to sell, that means when you call the billing department at Verizon Fios you are speaking to someone who is not trained to handle billing issues. You can not even make a payment over the phone with a Verizon billing representative, instead you are transferred to something called the bill matrix which is a robot that you are charged around $3.00 to have to use. You can not ask for a refund, you can not dispute any charges, you can only ask for a billing adjustment but that must be approved by the people upstairs. You can not even set up payment plans if you are behind on bills and intend to pay.

Here you have it folks how the billing department at Verizon Fios works, from a former billing representative.

Former VZ Employee - Verizon H8er ID: E90EA4

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03/22/14 | 21:44PM
I too am a former employee out of the CA BSC. And you hit the hammer right on the nose. Verizon is money hungry and ran by a bunch of bullies who rather illegally target reps for CFRA/FMLA absences and using the bathroom too long. What they should focus on is the excellent customer service that they do not provide and lowering their ridiculously over priced half ass products.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EB5169

01/09/15 | 19:17PM
How true, how true. Just went through 12 days on the phone to India to get 45 minute fix once the local tech picked up the ticket.

CircumVerized - Verizon H8er ID: B245D8

03/02/17 | 17:11PM
So so true but you sounded just like Infocision Corp that works for kipiny who works for Verizon Infocision has us misleading customers all the time

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C8FFF2

03/02/17 | 18:04PM
I agree, but it sounds like you worked for Infocision, they supposedly work for kipany, and is supposedly working for Verizon wireless.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B7FBE6

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