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02/24/14 | 17:07PM
Verizon DSL to Fios experience

I just wanted to write you to quickly sum up my Verizon experience so that you may understand the course of events.

My landlord built my development 30 years ago and stopped halfway through.. whether it be politics or whatever, the reality is that the ½ half of buildings are rentals, not home owners, and those buildings were built 10 years ago.

So because of the split, Verizon ran fiber to the first ½ and not us…

When I ordered Verizon 2 years ago, I was told Fios is available but it was for the home owners and not us Rentals. Five times Verizon sent a technician to install. Each time the tech couldn't do anything because the fiber stopped 10 feet from my apartment. In fact, they put me as apartment 101 not 602 probably because my building didn’t exist in Verizon systems.

Last Monday the fiber service was available for us Rentals. I explored the option to upgrade from copper dsl and the Plain Old Telephone Systems line to fiber.

When verizon looked up my phone number (the DSL and telephone) they asked if I still reside at apartment 101. I told the verizon rep I never lived at 101, have been living at 602 for 8 years. That Rep came up with the BRILLIANT idea to put in a move instead of an upgrade from 101 to 602. What could go wrong?

What the Rep Failed to mention is that Verizon policy is to disconnect the service and then turn it up service at knew location.

So Verizon DISCONNECTED my phone and Internet without letting me know. Verizon did that remotely thinking i was in 101 moving to 602 but in reality they disconnected service from 602.

Ok.. so turn the service back up.. right? WRONG. Verizon policy is to NOT HAVE DSL OR TELEPHONE as an option once fiber is available.. why? Probably because this old technology is costly to maintain and you don’t want to service anyone on it. (there goes my request to have fiber TV and Internet but Copper Phone).

So now I am still without phone or internet and Verizon is strong arming me into getting fiber.

They way I see it is that first pull a bait and switch and offer 99 dollars for service package but then change that to 125 ( 150 when you include equipment) when I try to get an install date.

Then pull my existing service, saying it was my request, and make me spend more money for an upgrade I didn’t ask for.

Nice story, right?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D19F05

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