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02/25/14 | 3:52AM
I hate verizon fios

I lived at my sis houses and have verizon fios, then I need to move out to an apt, so I need to move verizon fios service at a new location, i called, tell them "just move a service" I got someone tell me ...my contract almost over only 2 months left wonder if I want to upgrade new bundle ...blah blah ...I said "no" keep same acct and everything after 2 months I will see and call, so he told me he will set up apt for some1 install at new add. Anyway then when I got a bill I notice my acct number is different, I called and asked, they told me since it's new add they give me new acct # easy for them track...so I believe them! then 2months later....my sis move in her house she want verizon service, called them to get install, they told her she already has services at that add. She called me, let's me known, and I realized the Guy, set me up for another 2 yrs contract at my new add, still keep my old acct at my old dad, which mean I been paid( bank draft) for both places....I called complain No one has helped me. They just cancel my acct at my old add, but will not refund my money, and I stuck with another 2 yrs contract.....Verizon is horrible

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C33D49

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02/27/19 | 10:50AM
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Kondratpex - Verizon H8er ID: 0348B9

05/10/19 | 2:27AM


HaroldWhift - Verizon H8er ID: C3D869

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