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03/01/14 | 7:10AM
Nightmare just trying to order service.

I moved to a ranch in October. Only internet options were satellite or Verizon. Tried satellite and it was way too slow. I am a full time student and needed reliable internet. So, I ordered high speed internet with Verizon. They scheduled for technician to come out and told me the tech had to come out due to the location. The tech comes out and does his thing. I call Verizon because the internet is still not connected and they tell me they have no record of my order. The phone line I was forced to order is working at this point but no internet. They sent me a modem/router which works as well but no internet. I have to reorder and go through the entire process again. I am given a new phone number as well. And they tell me tech has to come out again. I tell them he already came but they say the computer says a tech has to come out. So, a tech comes out again and doesn't do anything...tells me it should be working by the following Monday. Monday comes and no internet. In short, by mid December my internet is turned on and working for the first time since my initial order in October. Now I am receiving two bills. One for the first order that they told me was canceled and the other for the current phone line. I also have several charges for the technician coming out, which I refused in the first place. I have already been on the phone numerous times to fix the double bill and get the excess charges removed. I was told it was fixed. And another two months later I still have a bill over $200 for a single month of internet. I would have bailed on this awful company after the first cancellation of my order but I have no other internet options. I have never been so angry and felt so powerless with a company in my life. Every person I talk to on the phone has no power to help me and I have to tell the entire story each time. This company is awful and doesn't give a crap about its customers and it doesn't have to. It's way too big to give a shit.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AEDDE1

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03/03/14 | 6:07AM
Verizon is a crappy company no doubt about it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FE848F

03/20/19 | 13:33PM
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