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03/02/14 | 5:47AM
unexplained overages

I was told that Verizon would be closing down their Altel towers so would have to give up my unlimited data before a certain time.(found out later that this was a lie and still may report to Better Business Bureau, probably won't help) Reluctantly after being offered 5G, I agreed. I had barely used more than 2G so thought it shouldn't be a problem. It seemed fine for awhile but now I'm going over quickly even after staying offline for days when given warnings. This time I "used" 1G in less than a day. No streaming videos, music or downloading anything at all. I tried to live chat, contact us, support and would each time reach "unable to connect" I have a couple months left with them but they have the best connectivity for this area. I've been told that now they can't restrict access to their towers for other companies? True? They also have my cell account. So mad, but looking for a new company. This needs some regulation, huge lobby for them pays off for sure.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3984AB

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04/18/19 | 6:28AM
Its not necessarily funny though, especially when one character smiles into the camera and informs us, Im gonna wait til more horrible sh*t happens to our planet and Im a senator, so fortunately, I get to make those decisions for all of us.

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Patrickviste - Verizon H8er ID: A4362D

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