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03/03/14 | 11:56AM
unbelievable ....update to my story of 2/11/14

After researching all my dates of cancelling my contract on the Verizon internet and then speaking to a rep to confirm info,2 days later I checked my account to find a message that my account has been adjusted.

1 Year 11 Months and 20 days my contract is fine and I advise them I am cancelling and they review my account. They found a way to screw me for 7 more days of money.

Enough is enough. Went to local store made them put dates in writing and sign it. The Manager sent me to the Asst Manager, he did what I requested, the Manager refused to sign the letter confirming the info because" I was so loud and vocal about Verizon being unethical.". That's okay I did clear out the Store and hope the people went on line before signing a contract.

For those of you planning to try the "NO CONTRACT PLANS" you only get 3g.
Check out T-Mobile.you can get unlimited talk,text,and data for $70 no contract and no data slow down after a certain amount used. Also Sony choose T-Mobile to sell their new Experia waterproof phones. Glad to see them not letting companies like Verizon get a hold of it. This phone is amazing. Hope Sony won't let changes to their phone like Verizon did with the Motorola droid RAZR. It was once a great phone.

former 30yesr customrr - Verizon H8er ID: 4A4AAE

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