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03/03/14 | 18:46PM
Out of Service for 6 weeks

We are a small business with 4 phone lines that have been out for 6 weeks. Second time in a year. We have called every government agency, state, city and federal, and have still gotten no where with Verizon.

At this point we have laid off 3 of our 6 workers and plan to lay off 2 more on Friday. Verizon is totally unwilling to fix the lines.

The joke of it is that when this started we planned on switching to another provider but found out we cannot switch without a working line.

I cannot believe the arrogance and rudeness of the phone people. The techs who have come to our place have been great - and told us that Verizon just wants to get rid of us. They also told us what needs to be done and that it will never get done.

This company is the worst. I sincerely hope they lose their license to do business in the State of New York.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BBFF5E

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03/06/14 | 18:05PM
I find it very hard to believe that your lines have been out for 6 weeks. Also, the techs are union and they hate the company anyway so they will bash the company any time they can. I retired from the company and have seen many times that an issue like this is actually caused by the customers phone system and NOT Verizon's lines. You didn't indicate if you have a phone system or not, but having 6 lines would indicate to me you have some type of system. Many many times I have found that the customers equipment is the problem.

Former Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: FAE8B7

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