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03/04/14 | 8:27AM
verizon, a cruel, cruel joke.

Today I got my Verizon TMP statement in the mail. TMP stands for total mobile protection. This is a paid service, that sounds great at first considering I expect my Galaxy S3 to crap out, and instead of starting from scratch I can allegedly pay a mere $99 for a replacement. There's an App I followed the instructions to download that is supposed to be the hub for all my tech needs, from battery issues to whatever else won't work on this overpriced phone. The link to the App provided by verizon is a dead link. BAM, that says it all. I was so annoyed I tried signing on the Verizon community support on the Verizon website and was amazed to be unable to sign in using my mobile number and the password I've had for years. The Galaxy S3 is the worst phone I've ever owned, mostly in part to the constant need of "upgrades" that do nothing to solve the many issues I have daily with it. 4gLTE? How about I've never been able to so much as google the weather outside of the wireless bubble in my house. Mobile Date, WiFi? Neither!!!! It all seems like a cruel joke, I laugh only because I intend on never paying another cent to this terrible excuse for a wireless provider, and hope to fully exploit the protection plan to my benefit while shopping around for anything but this.

15+ years of shame - Verizon H8er ID: 01A8F1

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03/08/14 | 19:24PM
Verizon didn't make your "terrible" phone, or the frequent updates. That comes from the manufacturer SAMSUNG.

That's like blaming Walmart because your whirlpool washer stopped working.

The S series phone from Samsung are among the most popular. People love them. In your case, based on your rant and zero logic, you probably are incapable of operating the phone properly and have no one else to scream at than Verizon. LOL

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 68845B

04/08/14 | 1:05AM
they sold me another great phone... but if they know none of the features will work properly why do they still sell it? its not honest business practice's i'll tell ya that much!

walmart does not say hey this phone does this this ande this.. then when they don't do that refuse refund..

no if i had bought these at walmart they would have returned them no issues!


04/26/19 | 18:54PM
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elnorami4 - Verizon H8er ID: E05020

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AndrewMex - Verizon H8er ID: A03B46

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