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03/11/14 | 4:26AM
I am a VZW employee.

I have worked for Verizon for a long time and we are no longer the same company. We use to care about taking care of our customers. Finding a solution that best fit them. Now we are all about draining every last drop of money from them. I work in the retail channel. Let me tell you it can be hell. We are written up if we can't sell you $100 plus in accessories. We are written up if we don't sell enough tablets, jet packs or home phone connects. Plus we still have to hit our standard quota in order to get the bare minimum pay in commission. Our quotas are incredibly high. I have seen many long time employees either quit, or get fired because they cannot adjust to the new business model. The reps are so desperate to hit their goals and hang on to their jobs that many have resorted to bait and switch tactics or just flat out lying. We are instructed to automatically add $150 to the phone cost for the accessory bundle. I have seen where customers have waited in our stores for hours for service only to be told that the phone was not in stock or that they have to buy it online just because they don't want to purchase accessories. One of the new sales techniques being pushed is to get the customer to lower their plan in order to add extra services. This usually does not work in the customers favor and leads to overage in data charges. Customers are constantly being told that they can only use their equipment trade in money for accessories. That they cannot use it towards the phone or bill. I have heard reps tell customers that the charger that they JUST purchased last year will not work on their new phone. Now, we have our EDGE service. While it can be a very good fit for some customers for others it may not be the best solution. We are expected to get 50 percent edge sales. Again in order to achieve this goal many have resorted to creative sales tactics. Due to space I am unable to elaborate. Managers go along with this and it is encouraged by many manager. Reps who don't comply are bullied and intimidated. I have known people that have tried to complain to HR many are no longer with the company or have taken lesser paying jobs with in the company losing as much as 10 grand in pay. I am sorry for everyone's problems. They only advice I can give is be vigilant. Ask questions, lots of questions. If you don't understand ask again. Make sure you get a paper receipt or contract. A lot of reps like to do paperless and email it to you. It makes it a lot harder to notice extra things being added to your account when you don't have a paper copy. Also, read and look over you paper work when you get home. If something does not look or feel right then contact the rep or store right away. You need to also be aware of the fees. There are restocking fees, upgrade fees and activation fees. The restocking fee is really important because a lot of reps do not tell customers about this charge. I just wanted to vent a little bit and put my 2 cents in. As well as give some good practical phone shopping advice

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 71E016

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03/15/14 | 23:44PM
They run their wireline business the same, with unrealistic numbers. They are slamming customers to switch from copper to FIOS against their will. Techs are held to a 95% migration rate to switch customers, otherwise we are SUSPENDED with NO PAY. Good thing WHEELER IS IN CHARGE OF THE FCC so Verizon(ATT, COMCAST,TIME WARNER, ETC)can get away with this. Wheeler use to be a lobbyist for the cable companies years ago. So his interest now is for the consumer LOL.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3C2D9D

03/21/14 | 16:55PM
I SOMEWHAT feel for you, but you guys at Wireless were approached and talked to NUMEROUS times to join the union on the wireline side, but you's have repeatedly turned it down!!!! There is strength in numbers and it was foreseen that the 2 businesses would get closer and closer, hence why you guys were offered to join. You employees want to listen to the managers (who are going to lie) and/or listen to others who are obviously ignorant towards the benefits and necessities of a union! Its your own faults!!!! They tried to do the same to techs on the wireline side, but the union was able to stop disciplinary actions for not getting x amount of jobs done (same as not selling x amount of accessories)!!!!! Maybe you guys at Wireless should rethink not wanting to be part of the union and you will see your jobs improve!!!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3D2224

04/21/14 | 3:15AM
In New Jersey union is powerless :( unfortunately!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EFE02E

05/08/14 | 23:46PM
I feel for you I worked at a call center for over 10 years. I was alltel then they came in and shut our center down so I moved 6 hours to keep my job. I graduated with a BA in may of 2013 and stupidly let my supervisor know I wanted to do something different..make a move in the company.
Suddenly every call I'm taking I'm not making a connection I'm not doing this I'm not doing that. Six months later I'm fired even though EVERY one of my stats was exceeding or performing.
Working in a call center or retail store is a horrible experience. All they want you to do is sell a bunch of useless shit that the customer doesn't need. They could give a fuck less if you help them. On everyone of my calls they would ask did you evaluate the account to see what they needed?
It just got to the point where I saw the writing on the wall and I just gave up. They railroaded me out of a job. Verizon definitely harasses the employees. When you get a call evaluated they rate you on a scale from 1-10 you only pass on 8 or above, that means you have a 70% chance of failing. Does that make sense?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EC39AA

07/18/14 | 21:06PM
The union for Verizon also sucks in California, Texas, & Florida. They fight all of the wrong battles. Management will find any way possible to fuck employees & don't give a shit about the customers at all!! Ever since bell Atlantic took over GTE it has gone to shit. Management doesn't give a shit about the customer and ties the hands of employees. Constant system issues, no empowerment for the CSR to help and just try to get a supervisor. They NEVER call you let alone are there when you contact them. They hide like dogs. Only care about reps selling so they can get their bonus. Could go on forever but you get the point.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2AA081

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