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03/13/14 | 16:27PM
4 months of no invoices then BAM collections

Verizon Wireless is the best example of terrible customer service I have seen in a long time! In September 2013 I ported a number over to another company because Verizon didn't support the phone I wanted. I paid my last bill on November 1, 2013. All communication between Verizon and me stopped other than a drip "we want you back" email I would receive from time to time. Then, on February 24, 2014, I receive a notice from them saying my service was about to be canceled. On February 26, 2014 I spoke to a Verizon CSR who acknowledged they had not sent me invoices for a data line I had with them since my primary number was ported. That's four months of charges that were accruing with late fees, while not sending me any type of invoice, notice, or allowing me to review my account online! At the time my primary number was ported they cut my access to MyVerizon so I couldn't review my account online.

When I spoke to the CSR on February 26 I explained my case and was told she would have to ask her manager to approve removal of the late fees, etc. I did not hear back from her, but instead I was sent to an outside collection company sometime before March 10, 2014. Since then I have been shuffled from department to department within Verizon and no one will help. Furthermore they are telling me there is nothing that can be done.

So let me ask you this--what kind of company sends a former customer to collections, probably hurting their credit, while trying to resolve an invoicing error through customer service that the company created? Is there anything I can do to stop companies like that from screwing people over?

Matt V - Verizon H8er ID: C328A1

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BrandonGor - Verizon H8er ID: D89D62

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