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03/13/14 | 21:00PM
OMG what a JOKE! Epic customer service fail!

WOW – this is bad Verizon. Really BAD!

My dealings with Verizon over the past couple of weeks have gone from bad, to worse, to outright laughable. I have now approached the point where anger has turned to absurdity. I don’t even know what to think.

We have FIOS and television with multi-room DVR. I wanted to be able to stream video on our downstairs television using a Roku box, but I knew that our router was located upstairs and the signal downstairs wasn’t reliable enough to stream videos. So, I called Verizon for guidance because I really didn’t know where to start (I’m not a super technical person – but smart enough to understand a good explanation when given to me). So I called Verizon on Tuesday last week and asked if it was possible to have two routers in my home connected to the same Verizon account. The representative told me yes, no problem, and that it would cost $34.00 for the router, no additional monthly fees, and that someone would come out to install the additional router in two days.

Two days later, nobody shows up. Instead, I receive a small wireless internet adaptor in the mail (looks like Google Chrome). I called Verizon, and they told me that there is no router install on record and no installer scheduled to come out. I then made several phone calls trying to reach the supervisor of the person I spoke to, and nobody could find his supervisor, nor did anyone ever call me back. In the process of trying to get through to a supervisor, I was actually transferred to someone’s back line – and that person thought I was another Verizon employee and not a customer! I finally gave up trying to find a supervisor, and called to ask another rep what I should order. I was informed that it was my job to tell them what I needed? Really, I thought it was Verizon’s job to sell a customer the right products to solve a problem. Moreover, I was told that it was impossible to have two routers on one system unless I wanted to pay two access fees. It would have been nice to have been told this from the beginning! They also told me that no installer was required to plug an adaptor into my TV. Yes, I know that! I never ordered an adapter! Ridiculous. The point is, the first representative I spoke with outright lied to me. Why would you tell someone that an installer is coming out to add a second router on a particular day and instead send them a totally different product in the mail with no install?

Finally, a sales rep suggested I upgrade to a better router instead of adding a second router – advice I should have been given in the first place. I was also told that I would need to send back the old router. Fine. No problem.

Several days later, I then called Verizon to cancel my multi room DVR. They said they would send me some boxes to return the equipment. However, since I was also expecting a new box to switch out a router, and yet another box to return the wireless adapter I never ordered, I wasn’t sure which boxes/labels were for which items. Besides, I had not received enough labels or boxes for all of my items. Since I don’t want to get charged for not sending things back correctly, I called to ask which item the only mailing label I received was for. The representative responded to me in a very condescending tone something to the effect of: “Well if we sent you a box then you need to send the stuff back in it and send it to us.” Really????? Thanks a lot! The guy didn’t even listen to my question and instead assumed that he was speaking with the village idiot. I had one small box, one label, and six DVR’s, plus a router and an adaptor to return. Not enough boxes! I don’t think my phone call asking for guidance was unreasonable.

Verizon, your customer service is appalling. A friend recently asked me about Verizon and I told them flat out that the product was good but that the customer service was disgusting and to try to find an alternative service. I will continue to share my disgust with Verizon’s customer service with as many people as possible.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 738F9B

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03/13/14 | 21:29PM
After reading the first sentence I realized you truly are a village idiot. Why in the world would you call customer service at vz for that? A roku box is not vz product nor supported by them. Yes you can have another router no vz does not supply a second without another account. You should have gone to the right place for this and that would be best buy type of store. you truly are a dumbass. Like a person going to a car dealer to have a aftermarket part installed into a car. Wrong place. 6dvr's god you have no life if you need 6 DVRs and still multuroom on top of that.something tells me you left out the crucial parts of the story

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 392F12

03/14/14 | 15:16PM
To the first responder. We obviously know where you work. Anyone who has felt with Verizon personally knows your customer service is to treat people like shit and talk them in circles until you bleed them dry and they give up. Your the dumbass. The only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask!

Colleen - Verizon H8er ID: 79BC1D

03/26/14 | 15:55PM
You got one thing right I do work in a customer service related field. Its clear you don't call the provider to fix 3rd party issue. That being said keep your personal opinion to yourself

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A0BD13

03/29/14 | 1:12AM
It is YOU who is the village idiot...clearly you have reading comprehension issues. If you read my post, you will note that I contacted Verizon to discuss getting a stronger signal in my living room in preparation for using Roku. I was not asking for help installing a Roku. I was asking for help with the wifi signal itself. I'm guessing that the folks at Roku aren't going to be able to help me with that. So lets use your car analogy... and maybe YOU will understand.... jack ass. Why would I put new tires on my car if I suspect there is something wrong with the the actual wheels? Answer: I wouldn't. I would go to my dealer and ask them wtf is going on with my car before I waste money on tires. Clearly you work for Verizon customer service. So spare us your smug BS and learn how to read before you make stupid comments. IDIOT!

Sarah - Verizon H8er ID: 738F9B

04/15/14 | 15:58PM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7B54BC

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Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DB473B

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Stevempinc - Verizon H8er ID: EB125D

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